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For fifteen years, Greg Young and Nathan Picklum have headed up one of Australia’s leading Lifestyle brands, Body Science International, commonly known as BSc. On a daily basis, BSc fuel and clothe some of our leading athletes including Andrew Bogut, Shane Watson, James Magnussen & Candice Flazon so we thought it was time we heard a little more about this dynamic duo, who could not be more different and yet who come together so perfectly to make all things BSc

Each day i eat:

Nath: Bone broth for breakfast. For lunch, I have a shake consisting of kale, carrots, beetroot, raw coconut, half an avocado, Body Science Naturals Vegan Protein and Body Science Naturals Super Reds and Body Science Naturals Super Greens. For dinner I usually have some form of lean meat with sweet potato and salad.

Greg: ImmuGreens, ImmuReds and Immufix with Vegan or WPI – guaranteed I;m very concerned about immune. I try to keep my diet low fat and I watch (simply white processed) carbohydrates. I am a massive fan of organic but just Clean Eating no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours if I have the choice.

Tea or coffee?

Nath: Coffee

Greg: We have a few coffee machines, so I drink organic fair trade coffee.

In my fridge you will always find:

Nath: Fresh organic vegetables and Body Science Immufix

Greg: Homemade yoghurt. I use this on nights when my brain says lets eat.

If i am on the run, i will pick up a:

Nath: Body Science Protein Shake

Greg: Protein bar

By Friday night I will treat myself to a:

Nath: Beer

Greg: This is my danger night. I always train Friday night so I’m happy to eat whatever the kids are into.

When it’s time for exercise, you will find me doing:

Nath: A wide variety of activities including the gym, walking, bikram yoga

Greg: Lifting, making up circuits – resisted and non resisted – inside and outside. Love Interval/Fartlek style training. I love the variation in speed and intensity focussing on stressing the aerobic and or anaerobic systems. It differs from traditional interval training in that im not into traditional bodybuilding, its unstructured and the intensity and/or speed varies by time or reps. This is something my training crew discuss before each session. I’m not 20 years old so planning is based on how the body is feeling. I believe we just need to move daily.

And just because we are curious…

I am currently reading:

Nath: Ned Kelly

Greg: Plant based nutrition from eCornell

I am currently listening to:

Nath: Florida Georgia Line

Greg: Anything with a beat.

I am currently watching:

Nath: The Crew on Fuel TV

Greg: IG & Twitter.

I am dying to go to:

Nath: New York

Greg: beach – every day.

Best piece of advice i have been given is:

Nath: Treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself

Greg: That wont work.

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Thanks boys!



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