5 easy ways to eat healthy when you are busy

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Do you know anyone who is not busy? Chances are you and those people around you are constantly trying to stuff more and more into already full schedules leaving you feeling tired, overwhelmed and lacking energy. The first things to suffer when we are overly busy are our diet and exercise habits, as we revert to quick and easy options, or in the case of exercise skip it altogether. So here are some easy ways to eat healthy even when you are crazy busy.

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1. Have convenient options handy

For times you do not have time to shop and meal prep, the next best option is to keep a supply of quick and easy meal and snack options on hand to grab on the run. When we pick food up at food courts, fast food chains and service stations it can be hard to find the protein and vege rich choices. On the other hand, meal replacement shakes and bars, protein balls, pre-cut vege packs, packet soups and even healthier frozen meal options will be nutritionally superior to fast and takeaway food and help to keep your calories controlled.

2. Order in

One of the biggest barriers to eating well is simply not having the food on hand you need to eat well. Forget spending an hour or two out of your schedule each week to shop and buy groceries, utilise online options which can deliver meal packs, your shopping or even snacks to your home or workplace.

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3. Know the better options

One difference between nutrition professionals and the average person is that they know what to choose when they must pick up food on the run. So a good starting point in case you do need to grab a meal or snack quickly is to know that you can get a burger without the bun; you can find chicken strips and a salad and some sashimi or a plain stir fry can all be reasonably healthy options.

4. Know your filling options

When we do not have meals and snacks ready to go it can be easy to grab a snack here, and a drink there and before you know it you have eaten much more than you even realise. A better option is to fill yourself up with a larger meal, say big protein smoothie or eggs for breakfast, or a large lunch that will keep you full for several hours rather than seeking out more meals and snacks when you know you will not have time to.

5. Remember your water

When we are not eating well, chances are you will not be drinking anywhere near as much water as you need. Good nutrition starts with good hydration so if you can manage little else make an effort to drink plenty of water and herbal tea throughout the day and until you get to your next decent meal.

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