What i eat: Vlad Shatrov, founder of Runlab and marathon runner.

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Today we are really excited to introduce to someone very special. Vlad Shatrov is not only the founder of Runlab, but a top 10 marathon runner in Australia. He can also now add a couple of ultra marathons to his name and for those that don’t know, that is a 50km run!

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Safe to say that Vlad is a supreme athlete and has an incredible amount of determination and drive that we could all learn from. So we chatted to Vlad recently so we could find out just what it’s like in his world.

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Each day i eat: My day will always include avocado, it’s a staple.

Tea or coffee: Coffee.

In my fridge you will always find: Heaps of greens!

If i am on the run, i will pick up a: Good recovery shake to take post run.

By Friday night I will treat myself to a: Vanilla ice cream, I love Vanilla.

When it’s time for exercise, you will find me doing: Running! At least 160km a week and out at one of our 10 Runlab locations somewhere between Sydney and newcastle! (for now anyway).

And just because we are curious…

I am currently reading: 304 Running magazines from overseas – on the way back from the Paris Marathon I grabbed a few things to see whats trending in the european market and make sure Runlab was ahead of the pack.

I am currently listening to: Above and Beyond: Group Therapy Podcasts – all on my phone when I need a break and sometimes whilst I am running.

I am currently watching: Not much as I simply have no time. Except the occasional sports program – love most sports. The Swannies and Bulldogs are my two teams.

In my bag, you will always found: Nurofen, an energy gel and some safety pins (in case I decide to race and use them to pin my bib on).

I am dying to go to: The Caribbean, growing up on a farm we had the radio as entertainment which included cricket! Their lifestyle intrigues me.

Best piece of advice i have been given is: This is clichéd but “always ensure you deliver a quality product”, and also “enjoy what you do” – I love running and Runlab helps others do it too now.

My inspiration is: My customers who although lead busy lives, turn up and put in the effort every week. Their improvement and subsequent joy is what makes this job very rewarding.

Check out www.runlab.com.au for more details on how to join or follow Runlab on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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