What i eat: Zoe Daly, Fitness Model Champion & BSc Ambassador


I am excited to launch a new series to the blog today, What i eat, will feature of a range of health, fitness, lifestyle personalities giving us the low down on exactly what we would find them eating. Today we are pleased to chat to the 2013 World Champion Fitness Model, Zoe Daly. Enjoy!!

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Each day I eat: A macro balanced diet consisting whole foods only. I never eat anything processed. Lots of lean meats, plenty of fresh veggies, complex carbs: either purple sweet potato or brown rice, and good fats: lots of avocado & nuts/nut butters.

I prefer tea or coffee: Fresh Campos Coffee in the mornings and Peppermint tea in the afternoon.

You will always find these in my fridge: PH balanced water, turkey breast, lean lamb, avocados, broccolini, asparagus, fresh raspberries, and large Tupperware containers packed with pre-cooked purple sweet potato & brown rice. I eat a lot!

If I am on the run, i will pick up a: This never happens to me, I always have my meals packed and ready to go! That is the true meaning of “Fats food!” Mine is ready to go the minute I want it!

By Friday night i will treat myself to a: As we have more time on the weekends I get a little more creative in the kitchen. My fave meal at the moment is an Asian inspired omelette with pak choy, mushrooms and a dash of pure sesame oil. Light, filling & delicious!

You will find me: You will find me in the gym doing Body Balance (a blend of Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates) or my Monkey Business, hanging upside down off bars, lifting weights or

doing Strongman training: tyre flipping, pushing sleds or pulling ropes! I love it all!

And just because we are curious…

I am currently reading: A New Earth By Eckhart Tolle

I am currently listening to: At this very moment in time ~ Crazy by Seal just came on.. I love this song! Reminds me of my childhood.

I am currently watching: Californication Season 6

You will always find these in my handbag: My Versaces, Purse, make-up bag, loads of hair ties for the gym, my lucky mirror from Vegas (I brought this after I earned my Pro Card at the World Titles in 2013) and a few small hairbrushes. Plus lip balm and some aspartame free chewing gum. My handbag is like a bottomless pit and I can never find what I am looking for!

My inspiration is: My Mum. She is incredible. A strong & beautiful woman. She had been such an amazing mother to my sister, bother & I, all whilst being full time Doctor. She has saved many lives and helped so many people and she instilled such good morals and values in me and taught me to be strong & independent, genuine, caring & kind. I am eternally grateful.

Follow Zoe on Facebook and on Twitter or on her website www.zoedaly.com

Thanks Zoe!



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