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 Get Comfortable Saying No

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One of the greatest barriers to keeping on track with our diets is not being able to say no. There is so much food available, so much of the time, that unless we have the ability to say no; to not eat everything on our plate and to refuse extras and treats when they are offered, we have no chance of taking control of our weight for good.

Signs you may have difficulty refusing food include having to eat everything you are served, whether you are hungry or not; when you have difficulty keeping certain foods at home without eating them, just because they are there; or when you have no issue sticking to your diet when you are in control of it, but as soon as other foods are offered, you cannot resist temptation.

So, if you find you are a compulsive eater when food is offered, here are some steps to help you work towards saying no more often:

1. Practice not eating everything on your plate.

The simple act of practicing on a daily basis to not eat every morsel you are served will help to build your self-regulation skills over time.

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2. Purchase a tempting treat and keep it at home without eating it.

Again building your own self-control will help empower you to not feel that the food itself has so much control over you.

3. Establish limits before you go out.

This may be only eating 3 canapés or sharing dessert with your partner but establishing your own personal limits will help you to say no when there are extra foods on offer as you have already decided what you will eat.

4. Rate your hunger.

Often we eat because it is a meal time, or for fear or getting hungry later but if we learnt to eat when we were really, really hungry, say an 8 or 9 on a hunger scale, it would become much easier to say no to food when we were not at that level of hunger.

5. Say no the first time.

If you are a yes person, saying no is hard. It is especially hard the first time that you say it but it gets easier after that. So, all you need to do is get more comfortable saying no. The next time you are offered food as an extra, say no whether you want it or not. It gets much easier after that.

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