The extra calories creeping into the foods you think are healthy.

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The healthy calories slipping into your day

Chances are you know that cakes, biscuits and chocolate are not doing your diet any favours. Most of us are aware that there are certain high calorie foods closely linked to weight gain. It may though come as a surprise to hear that there are also a number of healthier food options that can actually be packed full of extra calories. Here are some of the most common options we generally think are healthy but are not always.

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If you make a salad at home and combine fresh leaves, salad vegetables and a little dressing naturally you have yourself a very healthy salad. On the other hand if you pick up a premade salad at a food court you could be eating as many as 600-800 calories and 40-60g of fat. This is thanks to the addition of plenty of high fat dressing, nuts, cheese, avo and fried meats, common in premade salad mixes. The best option? Make your own salad or at least choose your own ingredients so you know exactly what is in there!


Sashimi is healthy. Seaweed is healthy and miso soup is healthy but if your Japanese order consists of white rice rolls your sushi is more carbohydrate and sugar than anything. To keep your Japanese order in line with traditional fare, go easy on the rice based rolls, seek our sashimi and also add extra vege sides.

Yoghurt and fruit

The tubs of yoghurt and brightly coloured fresh fruit look healthy but when you consider the mix if generally of sweetened yoghurt, fruit syrup and muesli your healthy snack can contain as much as 500 calories and 6 teaspoons of sugar. If you love yoghurt team plain yoghurt with berries and a few nuts or buy the individual Greek fruit yoghurts with contain less than 3-4 teaspoons of sugar per tub.


Marketed as a healthy choice, burritos are healthier than burgers and fries but they can still be massive and as such packed full of calories. In fact a single burrito with rice and cheese can contain 800-1000 calories in a single serve. Lighten your burrito by ditching the rice, asking for less cheese or even better going for a mini or naked version to slash your overall calories.

Stir Fries

Generally considered healthier than deep fried Asian dishes while stir fries have less fat and calories it does not mean they are low in calories. In fact the average stir fry with rice will contain at least 30g of fat and 600-800 calories. For this reason when choosing Asian dishes go for less rice and option that contain less meat and more vegetables to help lighten the meal.