5 ways to boost your energy levels

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Energy management

Hands up if you are feeling tired? Overwhelmed? Struggling to make it through each day? Unfortunately these feelings are pretty common in this day and age. We pack so much into our days and lives that we literally have nothing let at the end of each day and each week. We know that we are not feeling, looking or performing at our best, and we simply do not have the energy to do anything about it. You are not alone.

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Energy is a simple yet exceptionally complex thing. On one hand it can simply refer to if we are able to get all the things done we need to and feel like we are physically capable of doing so. Yet it can also refer to complex metabolic pathways, the foods we choose to eat as well and then it can exist as a marker of our emotional health and how we self-regulate our behaviours. As such when we seek to regulate our energy levels more effectively, it is not as simple as grabbing an energy drink and pushing on, rather it is about creating a lifestyle that is conducive to optimal energy management. So if you are feeling like your energy regulation can do with some fine tuning, here are some simple steps to take to get back in control of your daily energy experience.

1. Set the platform with the right diet

It goes without saying that what we eat and drink each day has a powerful influence over our baseline energy levels. Poor glucose regulation impacts our attention and concentration, while weight gain, irregular meals and dehydration are just some of the nutritional factors that heavily impact our experience of energy each day. So if you do not have your own personal diet plan to follow that you know helps you to be at your best, it is time to invest in one so you have an idea of the best way you should be eating to also perform at your best.

2. Just move

Our inactive lifestyles create havoc for our metabolism and our overall health. Not only does inactivity mean that our cells become less efficient at burning calories, but it impacts our blood glucose control, leads to gradual weight gain and results in us feeling tired and sluggish a lot of the time. For this reason, the simplest prescription to improve your daily energy experience is to simply move – get up more, get a standing desk at work and stop with the excuses and commit to moving at least 10000 steps every single day. It is the least you need to be doing to maintain your body.

3. Be strict with your energy usage

Like time, humans are very good at wasting their precious energy on things that do not really matter – social media, relationships that do not have a lot of meaning, doing things we really do not want to be doing. Now in real life sometimes we do have to do things we don’t want to do (like go to work) but other things, like catching up with people we do not like, or going to events when we would rather be home conversing our energy are often tough decisions that make a big difference when it comes to our overall health and wellbeing.

4. Cut the screen time

Whenever we are watching TV and scrolling on Instagram or FB we are basically watching other people lives their lives. Now here is nothing wrong with this if you are happy with your own life. But when you are not feeling your best, or feeling tired and run down, these pastimes will not energise and inspire you, rather they will make you feel a whole lot worse about yourself and your life. For this reason, limiting screen time in favour of more meaningful interactions – a coffee with a friend, playing with the kids or reading a fab book are much better ways to help you find your natural energy.

5. Nourish your soul

When was the last time you did something when you felt like you were your best self? Chances are it was a while ago. Finding our own natural energy is also about reminding ourselves of who we really are, and when we feel and perform at our best. When you are regularly doing things you really love, you will find the rest of life becomes a whole lot easier as you have balance between responsibilities and enjoyment. This may be a massage once a week, or a trip to the beach each weekend. It may be a weekend away each month or a date night every week but carving out this regular time when you can feel your best is a key step in getting your life energy balance on track.  

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