Foods you will never me eating

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On the blog we often talk about foods I suggest or brands I like for a specific nutritional reason. Just for a change to day I thought I would share with you the foods you will never see me eating and the reasons why.

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Vegetable oil

Usually a mix of palm and a couple of other oils, unlike olive oil, vegetable oil is highly refined and offers few if any positive nutritional benefits. Just because it says it is ‘vegetable’ does not make it a healthy choice.

Rice Crackers

With as many carbs as 2 slices of bread in just 10 rice crackers I cannot afford to waste any calories here, especially empty calories that offer little other nutritionally.

Coconut water

Sugary water – if you want to hydrate drink water. If you need salts, use electrolytes.

High fibre white bread

If you want to eat white bread, at least make it Sourdough but white bread with the fibre added back in is still no where near as good as wholemeal or grain bread.

Soft drink / cordial

Sugar in a bottle – a nightmare for the teeth, tastebuds and kids eating habits.

Dried fruit

While it may contain some fibre, with as much as 30g of sugars in a small packet of sultanas my belief is to leave your fruit fresh.

Rice /almond milk

While some people may need to use alternate milks to manage food allergy and intolerance, if this is not you, these milks are generally sugary water, or just water with a few nuts and calcium added.

Turkish Bread

With 60-80g carbs per 2 slices, there is nothing positive nutritionally I can say about Turkish bread.

Brown rice malt syrup

Pure sugar is pure sugar, fructose free or not.

Frozen meals

You can grill some lean snags or salmon and zap some frozen veges in  the same time a frozen meal takes to cook with far better nutritional properties.