The most common reasons (or excuses why) we gain weight in Winter.

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The Winter excuses that are leading to weight gain

Each year it gets to about this time and many of start our annual hibernation. We are so spoilt with our generally warm temperatures that as soon as it gets even a little chilly we can barely bring ourselves to leave the house. So if you have been a little slack with your food and exercise these last few weeks, here are the pretty lame excuses hat are holding you back from achieving  your health and fitness goals at this time of year.

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1. Its too cold

Yes it is true that our temperatures have dropped suddenly but lets be honest, since it barely drops below 10deg in Australia (sorry Melbourne) it is really not that cold. In fact if we exercise outdoors we barely need a scarf to keep warm so stop telling yourself it is so cold, it really isn’t.

2. You need more food when it is cold

If we were living in Iceland we perhaps could get away with a little more carbohydrates and not lose weight but since again most of our homes are heated and we spend much of the day sitting down no we do not need a whole lot more carbohydrate just because it is Winter.

3. You will wait until Spring to lose weight

You know the drill, you can eat what you want now and then focus on getting back into shape in Spring. But lets be honest what really happens is that Spring returns with a bang and we are straight back into parties and socialising. The best idea, stop the weight gain now and then you will not have to worry come Spring.

4. It is too dark to get up

Yes it is much harder to get up and out when it is cold and dark but it does not mean you cannot swap your gym session to a lunch or evening session, or arrange to walk or run with a friend later in the day. Team up with a buddy to get those training sessions happening even with shorter days.

5. It is hard to eat healthy during Winter

Winter meals do not have to be heavy and they can be just as satisfying when they are healthy – think soups, vege topped pies, roasts with lean meat and baked fruit instead of pies, hot desserts and creamy rice and pasta dishes

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