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Do you work full time? Did you know that we spend up to 1/3 of our time at work? And that is without considering the time we spend commuting and working at home.

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As such it makes sense that if we are to be at our best physically, our work environment and the lifestyle habits that we practice routinely at work need to be conducive to weight control and health. Yet we are a very unhealthy bunch as a result of poor health habits that become deeply entrenched at work hours spent sitting, mindless eating, office feeders and calorie over-consumption at work functions, office feeders and trips to the food court.

For some time I have been very interested in developing optimal nutrition and lifestyle programs for clients who are struggling to achieve weight control whilst remaining committed to busy work schedules. While we may know what we ‘should’ be doing when it comes to our nutrition on a daily basis, the issue for many of us is that it is virtually impossible to do what you ‘should’ or ‘need’ to do while you are coping with the day-to-day demands of work.

logo_footerAnd it is for this reason that I have partnered with the team at ‘Get Healthy at Work’. It’s a free NSW Government workplace health service that aims to reduce the prevalence of heart disease and type 2 diabetes among working age Australians.

I really love that you don’t need to be a human resources or workplace health expert to benefit. By registering your business, you’ll receive all tools, resources and support you need to develop a simple health program for your workplace. Most businesses choose to focus on healthy eating or physical activity, but you can also develop a program that helps your team achieve a healthy weight, quit smoking or reduce alcohol use.

Plus, everyone at your work will get the chance to complete a free and 100% confidential health check to set you on the path to better health with helpful tips and referrals to other free programs like the Get Healthy Info & Coaching Service.

In helping to raise awareness about Get Healthy at Work, I have been giving my keynote speaking address, ‘The Office Diet Solution’ – a 10-step program designed to empower busy people to take control of their nutrition during the work day, to help them perform and feel their best on a daily basis. While there are many aspects to maintaining optimal health and well-being including exercise, alcohol consumption, sleep and activity levels, my focus is on building a strong dietary platform on a daily basis to help us perform at our best.

What we choose to eat at each meal and snack has a major impact on our physiological well-being on a daily basis. In turn it impacts our ability to feel, look and perform at our best. Yet we so often fail to give our nutrition the focus and attention it deserves. Rather we take our meal choices for granted and fall into patterns of eating what crosses our path or prioritising other aspects of life way before we focus on what we are having for lunch or dinner. The Office Diet Solution brings the focus back to feeling good on a daily basis as a result of a strong nutritional structure for individuals along with work environments that are conducive to eating well. Here, good nutrition is not about what you should or should not be eating, rather it’s about making sure that your diet is structured to support optimal energy, performance and ultimately health long term. The focus is entirely on what you should focus on doing, rather than focusing on what we should be avoiding, as well as the key dietary areas to focus on to build and maintain this powerful health platform on a day-to-day basis.

A couple of weeks ago Get Healthy at Work held a breakfast event in Sydney to showcase this exciting initiative to employers. Anything that supports individuals seeking to maintain their health whilst maintaining demanding work lives should be welcomed. So if you would like your workplace to be healthier, make sure you check out Get Healthy at Work website to see if the program may be right for you. There are events held regularly around the state (like the one in Sydney last week) and we would love to see you there. And if you are in Sydney tomorrow, I will be speaking at a free event at 9am -, talking all things The Office Diet Solution and cooking as well. Would love to see you there!