Getting active this April

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How are you feeling after Easter? Refreshed? Re-energised? Or a little tired, heavy and bloated? Even though the weather is unseasonably warm it is not uncommon to feel a little blah come April. Things are relatively quiet with school holidays about to start, Winter is on its way, the days are shorter and there are no holidays in the near future. So how do you get and keep motivated at this time of year? Easy – you get active! While it may be more natural to curl up, watch plenty of Netflix and cover our bodies up at this time of year, nothing good will come from this. On the other hand, if we put our hands and commit to a fit and active April you will be surprised how great you feel as we move into Winter. Hence the motivation for the Shape Me April Kickstart to focus on ‘Active April’. So if you know that you are not moving anywhere near as much as you need to ATM, here are some simple ways to get moving and get feeling great this April.

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1. Team up with a few peeps

When activity becomes a social occasion we not only enjoy it more, but we are less likely to cancel and stay home in front of the TV. And having 1 friend join you is not enough, because lets be honest, peeps are unreliable. You need at least 2-3 different friends that you can schedule a weekly catch up over a walk, gym session, share a PT with or to train for an event. Once you schedule a few of these sessions you can tick the box on your activity most days of the week.

2. Just take more steps

In modern life working out once a day is not enough – we need to be moving at least 10000 steps a day as well as exercising so if you are not tracking your steps via a FitBit or your mobile phone (yes most mobiles have an inbuilt pedometer) get tracking and aim for at least 10000 every single day. 

3. Sign up for an event

There is nothing like a deadline to motivate you and with the running events like the Mothers Day Classic, Bridge Run, Bloody Long Walk and City2Surf still to come this year, you will be training for your own benefits and to help others.

4. Create a few rituals

At least once a month I have a group of friends who I train with on a Monday night and then we have a Meat Free Monday dinner – not only do we all look forward to catching up over some yummy food, but we end up fitting in an extra exercise session that week. So whether it is a regular brunch date, occasional dinner or big walk and brunch on a weekend, linking ti to something fun is an easy way to get more active and enjoy it. 

5. Use your commute wisely

Most of us have frantic schedules and as such need to use part of our commute or lunchtimes to get out and get active. Whether this means walking part of the way to work, getting to gym straight after work or at lunchtime or getting off the train or bus a stop or two earlier, the more you use your commute to clock up your steps, the easier it will be to reach your activity targets.