How to make great tasting water

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With summer just a few weeks away, we can almost smell the end of the year. The return of longer days and warmer temperatures means there are plenty of social occasions on the horizon to celebrate the end of another year. Warm weather also means that our fluid requirements increase, especially when we are regularly outdoors. So if you’re keen to jazz your water up a little, here are some easy ways to enhance the visual appeal of your water, whilst adding to its flavour and nutrition. 

Cucumber Mint

Mint is well known for its potential benefits to the digestive system – helping to reduce bloating and tummy discomfort. When combined with various fruits and vegetables, it creates beautiful cooling water. Not only does the mint cleanse the palate, helping to reduce sugar cravings, it also adds more fluid into our summer drinks when combined with high water-containing fruits and vegetables such as berries or cucumber.

Lemon Berry

The addition of citrus to any meal helps to lower the glycaemic load, or how quickly the glucose that comes from sugars is released into the bloodstream. This means adding some citrus to any water to be consumed with meals is a great option. Lemons mixed with any type of berries and strawberries offer a lovely flavour too. Another trick is to freeze your berries and add them into your glass of Zip filtered sparkling water which will help to retain their colour and plumpness. 

Apple Cinnamon

If you regularly crave sugar this could be the mix for you. Cinnamon is not only known to help control blood glucose levels but when combined with a few apple slices, it creates a slightly sweet flavour with only a few extra calories. This mix will appeal to children especially if you find it difficult to get them to drink as much water as they need. Simply use a cinnamon stick and leave it in the bottle or Mason jar to bring out the best flavour. 

Pineapple Ginger

When the weather is cool, one of my favourite hot drink mixes is a little ginger, honey and lemon. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, and commonly used to manage nausea. It’s easy to make a summer version of this immune boosting mix by combining a little fresh ginger and a few cubes of frozen pineapple, which will cut through the sharpness of the ginger without adding any extra sugars. 

Lemon Pepper

Now this option is not for the faint-hearted! If you don’t mind a little spice with your fluid, adding a single cayenne pepper to your water, along with a squeeze or two of lemon and a little honey or maple syrup, can help give your body a small metabolic boost. Cayenne peppers have been used for hundreds of years to help increase the rate of metabolism, clear nasal congestion and aid digestion. Add a little to your water for some natural zest and flavour.

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