Guest blog: Dietitian David Bryant on The One Percenters


Each Friday on the blog, we are lucky to have a guest post from a leading expert in weight loss, exercise, diet and motivation. In this week’s blog, we have Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian, David Bryant, who is looking at an interesting topic, the one percenters. I think we are all guilty of letting those little things slip into our regular diet. Thanks so much for joining us David.

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I am going to get straight into it and attempt to sell the unsellable: EVERYTHING in MODERATION. You are probably reading this because you value Susie’s food/product suggestions. However, a saying I truly believe in is that “one bad meal won’t break you, nor will one good meal make you.”

With footy finals coming up, the one percenters (1%’rs) during the game e.g. a tackle or shepherd, might not directly result in points being scored but could dramatically change a game. The same concept can be applied to your daily nutrition intake. If you are constantly telling yourself that a minor change or a 1%’r here and there won’t hurt (e.g. ”This food option won’t make a difference”, “I trained this morning” or “It’s the weekend” ), these cumulative 1%’rs can certainly add up over a long period of time and hinder your dietary/lifestyle goals.

Take this scenario below for example. Kath and Kim. Both busy mums who are training for a local 5km fun run to drop a couple of tough kilos. They spent their Saturday together training and spending time with their kids and friends. Let’s look at the cumulative effect of the 1%’rs over the day:

(Click on the image to view)

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.04.32 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.04.44 AM

As the above indicates, small changes across the day have dramatically increased Kim’s total energy intake, even though her choices were fairly similar to Kath’s. By no means am I articulating that Kath’s intake is perfect. However, I am mindful that we all have days where we are out and about, exposed to various nutritional options/dilemmas.

Use this example and apply it to your regular dietary intake, can you think of a few? Here are some everyday 1%’s that make a big difference over a year:

- 2 Cups Skim Milk per day instead of Full Cream Milk =6kg less fat consumed/year.

- Eliminating 2 tsp of butter from 2 slices of morning toast =3.6kg less fat consumed/year.

CONSISTENCY is therefore KING.

Focus on the ONE PERCENTERS.

“One bad meal won’t break you, nor will one good meal make you.”


About the author – David Bryant

photo (66)David Bryant is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. David has also been a Personal Trainer for over 6 years.  These two passions of his neatly tie in together in assisting his clients achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals at Catalyst Nutrition and Dietetics in Perth Western Australia.

David has a strong involvement in the endurance sport scene, with a personal best marathon time of 2 hours 48 minutes and a Half Ironman Triathlon finisher in 4 hours 24 minutes. David attributes these achievements to applying his nutrition and fitness knowledge to his everyday lifestyle.

Connect with David:

Website: | Facebook



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