Guest blog: Nutritionist Jessica Cox on turning weight loss on its head


On the blog today I am so thrilled to share the beautiful words of Nutritionist Jessica Cox. Jessica maintains a beautiful website and blog on all things healthy along with the most amazing recipes - And today she shares her thoughts on weight loss.

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Weight loss sells millions. The majority of those millions are spent on elaborate diets that promise instant results with minimal effort.  The irony is that losing body fat realistically does not require such taxing regimens, or money for that matter. Results can be gained by three principle footings; commitment, desire for change and focus on long-term sustainable results.

Commitment is a funny thing. We all have goals, yet the ability to really commit, to see our goals through, can be quite daunting.  Commitment to losing weight comes hand in hand with the genuine desire for change. It is all well and good to want to look fabulous on the beach this summer, yet the steps to take and the emotional journey one faces to get there can be remarkably confronting.

In the very primary stages of weight loss, there is the initial elation that results are on the way. However, soon to follow for many who have ridden the diet rollercoaster ride can be the challenging realisation that our body size goals may be tangible. As this penny drops many women feel unnervingly uncomfortable, leading to subconscious behavioural patterns of self-sabotage. Their body size is their armour. It has been a vessel that literally swallows fears within.  The potential of stripping that armour away can be very frightening and confronting.

These emotional obstacles and self-sabotage patterns can be challenged and broken down seeing victory gained in the guise of well-deserved self-esteem. Excitingly, this is where the real results begin, as there is room for focus on sustainable results without self-sabotage. Though this process sounds exhilarating and perhaps easy on paper, it is a challenging journey and often involves learning about unconscious behaviours and emotional connections with food. Sometimes a professional can be pivotal in helping address exceedingly strong and deep seeded issues.

Two other hurdles are often interwoven with the above. Firstly, so many women have a history of dieting with quick fix programs and/or fads. There is an addiction to drastic results such as dropping 3-4 kilo’s in a week. Though this may seem marvellous at first, it becomes evident in the coming weeks that such extreme diets are not maintainable. Once that diet ceases and normal eating habits return, the metabolism slips back into its previous behaviour along with the companion body size that accompanied it.  To add salt to the wound the metabolism suffers from this yo-yo dieting and often holds onto weight more strongly as a protective mechanism.

Secondly, the concept of slow weight loss frustrates many women. We want instantaneous results. Yet maintainable weight loss involves a safe and steady loss of 0.5 kg per week, give or take. If you add resistance training to a weight loss program, you may as well throw the scales out the bathroom window because your scale readings will be all over the place like a dogs breakfast. Muscle mass goes up, while fat loss goes down leading to the ‘plateau’ figure on the scales. Even though measurements are showing centimetres of loss, many women remain distraught due to a fixation on the scales, which inturn dictates their level of happiness.

The ingenuous, yet so misunderstood fact is that when you lose body fat slowly and sensibly by eating a well balanced, wholefood dietary intake that suits your own individual needs, your metabolism comes along for the ride. It grows into the new surroundings. It takes in the view and decides it likes what it sees. Your metabolism wants what you want, and once you are both in synch then your weight loss goals are really attainable.

If we can empower ourselves with self-worth, stand strong and face our internal self-sabotage behaviours whilst educating ourselves on what works right for our bodies, then we can achieve more than weight loss. We can achieve a happy, self-loving and peaceful mindset alongside a healthy body.

Jessica is an accredited and practicing Nutritionist with a Bachelor Health Science (Nutrition). Jessica is available for consultations at her clinic based in Brisbane, along with Skype and Phone consultations for national and international clients. Contact Jessica with any queries or questions at or email Source great food ideas and more by following Jessica on Instagram: @jescoxnutritionist, Facebook: facebook/JessicaCoxNutritionist and Twitter:



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  • Dana says:

    Commitment is a challenge for many women (and men) – not just in respect to losing weight. The desire is there, but the all consuming “fear factor” sadly overshadows these desires.If you can find the strength to overcome the fear of commitment, the gains surpass any pain felt during the process.

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