Guest blogger: Christian Marchegiani on why it’s not your fault but it’s your responsibility.


I used to blame my parents for making me overweight. I guess that had to stop once I became an adult. Then I put it down to my genetics and used the excuse that I had big bones. That didn’t work too well either when I figured out my bones had nothing to do with my heart health or my path towards diabetes.

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I then tried the slow metabolism excuse but that too got harder to justify. I also jumped on the “it’s the governments fault” bandwagon as well as the “ban McDonalds advertising” circus but I still found myself wearing size 48 pants and triple XL shirts. Something had to change. That something was me. That something was my attitude.

The moment we can accept that the change starts with us taking responsibility is the moment we are empowered. Blaming other people or institutes for our choices takes away our power and our ability to take control of our own lives.

We have the freedom of being an individual and saying enough is enough of feeling and looking this way. No one is going to come and save us especially not the governments or the junk food brands. I believe we are a product of our choices and we have to save ourselves rather then rely on others to do it for us.

Diets are hard, motivation is temporary, and exercise hurts. This is a given. There is no magical cure or hidden secret behind overcoming all of this. It can be hard work and it can take a lot of discipline, and yes your motivation will be up and down from time to time but that’s just the way it is. Once we can accept this and own who we are and where we are at then I truly believe change starts to take place.

No amount of movie quotes, glossy posters, or self help books can help you if you don’t decide to help yourself. You must take action on what you read, what you see, and what you hear but don’t overcomplicate the process and throw the towel in when you fall off the horse. Don’t announce it to the world and beat yourself up over it. Quietly dust yourself off, look in the mirror, and then say to yourself “I can do this”.

Your time is now. Not Monday after the weekend or when you come back from holidays. You don’t need motivation, you don’t need a diet, and you don’t need to be scared. You just need to make up your mind and get on with your decisions otherwise you’ll live your life with others making them for you.

I’m sorry to tell you this but you won’t look like the models in the magazine and you will never have the perfect body. You are you so you have to start acting like it. That’s what people want to see. Who you really are not who you’re trying to be.

Christian Marchegiani

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