5 tools for a healthy kitchen

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A healthy home starts with a healthy kitchen – it is the place we prepare the food to nurture our bodies; where families come together each day as we come and go from the home and the heart of the home. When it comes to our health and nutrition, what is stocked in the kitchen, as well as the tools and appliances we have on hand also play a powerful role in shaping what we eat and drink each and every day. Here are the top tools of my kitchen that ensure my family’s health is a number one focus.

1. A fab blender or processor

Your preference may be a Vitamix, Thermomix or a simple food processor but having an appliance that is easy to access and even more importantly easy to use will mean you can make smoothies, protein balls, soups and vege mashes (if you have little ones like me) a whole lot easier. One of the biggest barriers with this type of appliance is how difficult it is to assemble and / or clean. For this reason I prefer a smaller option and my current fav is the Philips Avent Steamer and Blender which I use to make all the twins vegetables as well as soup and protein balls for the family.

2. Fresh food on display

When food is within easy reach, and in view we eat more of it and for this reason keeping a supply of fresh fruit on the bench, or chopped vegetables on the top shelves of the fridge so you see it as soon as you open the door is an easy way to increase fresh food consumption in your own home. For this reason a great fruit bowl and some air tight containers are other essentials to store your fresh produce.

3. A spiralizer

A kitchen item you would not have seen a few years back, and once you have one you will not look back. Not only does a spiralizer make vegetable preparation a whole lot easier, but you will eat more vegetables simply because you can incorporate them into so many more dishes. Think pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, potato – all which can be used to replace processed carbohydrates in the diet whilst bumping up your intake of nutrient rich vegetables. And the kids will even enjoy using it.

4. The right plates, glasses and bowls

The larger you cups, glasses, plates and bowls, the larger the serving size of food you will eat. For this reason, small wine glasses, a range of different sized plates and bowls and short fat glasses as opposed to tall skinny ones will help you to control your portions on a daily basis.

5. A Zip HydroTap

Having a ready supply of boiling, chilled and sparking water not only means that the entire family drinks more water on a daily basis but we completely eliminate the need to have bottled water and soft drink in the house. It also makes it so much easier to make a cup of herbal tea; prepare the bottles for the baby’s and prepare dishes such as soups and baked goods for which you need to add filtered water of different temperatures. Out of all my appliances I use my Zip HydroTap constantly throughout the day and really miss it when I am away and do not have a ready supply of filtered drinking water and boiling water on hand at any time.

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