How to start the week right

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Start the day right

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If your Monday mornings routinely begin with you rushing out the door with nothing other than your laptop and a cup of instant coffee, the chance that you will be feeling good about your week and ready to eat well are slim. If though you take time each Monday morning to ease into your day, enjoy a light, “detox” style breakfast and cup of herbal tea, you will instead start your Monday in the right mindset to eat well and control your weight. This is likely to mean that you need to get out of bed a little earlier to ensure that you have time for breakfast, and know what foods you need to grab to eat well during the day.

Ideally aim to eat your breakfast first thing in the morning rather than waiting until you get to work at 8 or 9o’clock. The earlier you eat your breakfast, the better it is for your metabolism. Your Monday breakfast and your Monday meals in general should be light, with plenty of low calorie fresh fruit and vegetables as their base to help keep your calorie intake low and reset your metabolism after the sins of the weekend.

Get up early

Successful people know that getting up early means that they have more time in their day to get done the things they know need to be done to continually move forward in life. They understand that all of us are generally playing a time game, with time being one of our most precious resources. If you consider that getting out of bed an hour earlier during the week days will give you an extra two whole days each year, imaging if you could get up even earlier.

Whether an early morning start helps to get extra chores completed, allows time for your to exercise or simply represents an hour or two when you enjoy some peace and quiet, the feeling of starting your day gently without rushing is a sure fire way to start your week in the right frame of mind.

On Mondays getting up early means that you have time to start the day with ease and grace; have time to eat breakfast and fit in some basic stretching or ideally exercise. Often we focus on the fact that we are either a “morning person” or we are not but the truth is that we can program ourselves to be a morning person, if we see the benefits of doing so.

“It takes 3 months for a new routine to become a habit, so keep setting that alarm 30 or 60 minutes earlier on a Monday morning so you can start your week on track – you will get used to it and get so much more done as a result” 

Start the day with some exercise

For many people looking to start the week right, this means starting with some exercise. In fact, there is no better way to kick start a Monday than with a brisk walk or run to kick start the metabolism and get you in the right frame of mind for eating well and maintaining your exercise program.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to making a concerted effort to factor regular exercise into your lifestyle is the belief patterns that accompany the thought of regular training. Exercise does not need to mean numerous hours spent at the gym in an uncomfortable and sweaty state – it can simply mean walking to work or getting off the bus or train a stop earlier. Simply committing to small but regular exercise on a daily basis is often the difference between weight control or not.

On Monday mornings your ideal exercise scenario may mean a session with a trainer to start the week on the right foot, or a quick walk before breakfast. It may mean making the commitment to walk to work or at least get off the bus or train a stop earlier so that you are forced to move more than you usually would – whatever an ideal scenario exercise wise means for you, it needs to be scheduled into your Mondays.

Take time to plan and make your lists

Another powerful Monday habit that is likely to serve you well over many years is to start each week with a clear, write to do list. Operating in the same way as goals help to direct and guide behaviour, writing a to do list helps to keep us on track with the bigger picture plans we have for ourselves and helps to keep our behaviours and choices on track especially during times in which it is easy to get distracted and also get to the end of week feeling as if we have not achieved anything. Get into the habit of sitting for 5 minutes each Monday morning and making a note of the key things you want to have achieved by the end of the week. You will be surprised how much easier it is to keep focused when you know what you are supposed to be concentrating on.

Go light all day

Chances are that come Monday morning you are already well aware of the sins of the weekend and this means that we need a day of light eating to get things back on track. Think an entire day of light salads, soups, juices and low carbohydrate food options to not only cut back on calories but to fill your body with nutritious light food options. Not only will plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables help to clean out your digestive track and drop any extra fluid weight you may have gained over the weekend, but it will remind you of how much better you feel when you only eat unprocessed natural foods.