Guest post: Champion marathon runnner, Vlad Shatrov, on how to stay motivated.

SH10 5 weeks to go

This week we are very lucky to have Vlad Shatrov – one of Australia’s top ultra endurance runners blog for us, and you will not a greater insight yet more simple message of how to stay motivated -

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I’m often asked about my mindset, well the mindset of a long distance runner at least. How do you keep doing it? What keeps you motivated? And perhaps the most obvious……….Don’t you ever feel like just giving up?

Well yes and no – its that simple. I could talk to you forever about this topic but will keep this fairly short and sweet, and throw some small pieces of information your way, which just may help you to stay on track. I’ve developed a more and more determined mindset over the years, which has definitely helped my running. I love running and racing, but I can just hold on that little bit longer than others most of the time. When the going gets tough, there’s a part of me that can just switch off and I can just keep going. I don’t think there is any secret here, just a lot of practice and making sure all the smaller pieces are assembled well around me so that when I race, I’m ready. Above everything else though, I enjoy most of my training and racing. Find the things that you enjoy and build around that.

So back track just a little bit. I’ve been racing Triathlon and more recently running races for quite a while now, and over time my desire to train and race has only increased, not waned.

I’m motivated to do the best that I can at whatever I decide to focus on, so I always have 2-3 goal events in a year and use other events as solid training sessions.  Through Runlab I train upwards of 200 runners regularly now and one of the single biggest reasons why some people stay on track and more motivated than others is that they have a goal. If you don’t have a goal, you loose focus, training can become a chore and your not accountable to even yourself, its that simple.

Some simple tips that help me;

Pick a goal event, enter and plan towards it.

Setup your training schedule

Regularly challenge yourself in smaller races and events

Spoil yourself with products that make running fun like that new pair of shoes, GPS watch or other accessories

So saying that get back on track and start to develop that strong determined mindset. Challenge yourself to do something that you haven’t ever done. This could be committing to a certain distance or running a PB. We are right in the toughest part of the year and this is what separate’s the determined from the rest. The days are shorter, colder, darker and wetter – But its not impossible at all. We have a pretty good climate in Australia, just get the gear that makes running in these conditions more comfortable and get on with it. Better still, come and train with like minded runners for your training, our dynamic run groups will help you get through those tougher sessions at Runlab.

We also have a lot of good runs coming up right now. The Harbour10km race on the 13th of July is a perfect example. Its fast and flat making it perfect for the seasoned runner or those just getting into it, this year it also has a new 5km event, so literally everyone can take part. Ill be there with Runlab too and Im actually going to be the 40 minute pacer in the 10km event, so Id love to help you achieve your own PB!

I’ve done just this myself too. That is, set a challenge. And I can tell you that my training volume and effort has taken on a whole new focus. Ill be running my first ever 100km Ultra race this September and I want to finish on the podium. So that’s my goal, what’s yours?

Good luck with whatever you choose and Ill keep you updated on how my training progresses and bring you some insights into my 100km race preparation in the coming weeks.


SH10 5 weeks to go



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