How to survive Easter

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The supermarkets are full of Hot Cross Buns, the smell of all things chocolate and eggs is in the year and the holidays are almost here – who doesn’t love Easter time? The only downside of all the feasting and joy is that we do tend to overeat, and this overeating can go on for a number of weeks. The good news is that it is possible to enjoy some Easter treats without gaining a few kilos to go with it, all you need to do is follow a few simple rules.

1. Be fussy with your treats

When we are in a feeding frenzy we tend to eat whatever is put in front of us whether we really like it or not. This can result in the consumption of literally thousands of extra calories, calories which we may not even be enjoying all that much. So this Easter, rather than scoff every egg and bunny that crosses your path, try and be selective with your choices. Save your calories for 1 special egg or bunny and savour it on Easter Sunday. Or have a set number of Easter eggs to enjoy over the key holiday days and then get back on track with your diet. If you stick to a mantra of quality over quantity you will be less likely to overeat.

2. Go light when you can

Most likely you will have several special meals or occasions over the Easter holidays when you will overindulge, but the simple act of compensating when you have overdone things by focusing the rest of your diet around low calorie soups and salads will help to buffer the extra calories you consume at celebratory events.

3. Move as much as you can

Calories are only an issue if you do not burn them off and holidays mean we have more time than ever to move our body. Forget lounging around for hours on end over the holidays, and instead use the time to keep as active as possible. At a minimum aim for a long fast walk each day and double up if you can by doing something active both morning and afternoon.

4. Keep hydrated

As the temperatures drop there is less of a focus on drinking enough fluid to keep adequately hydrated. Unfortunately the body is not overly good at telling us when we need to drink more water, and we often seek out food instead of a big glass of the clear stuff. Even when it is not particularly warm outside you will need at least 1-1.5L of water each day and keep in mind that herbal and clear hot tea can be included in this fluid counter. Most importantly at Easter, drinking plenty of ice cold filtered water will help to curb the chocolate cravings as it changes the feel of the mouth slightly, so chocolate does not melt as easily.

5. Know when it is time to stop

There is nothing wrong with enjoying good quality food with friends and family on special holiday occasions. The issue comes when the holiday overeating goes on for days if not weeks at a time. This Easter take time to enjoy your favourite Easter treats, but come Monday night, it is time for them to go. Give away excessive chocolate, throw away the leftovers and buns and get back to your regular healthy eating and drinking plan. You will feel all the better for doing so.

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