How to use a meal delivery service to compliment a healthy lifestyle

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By Jaime Rose Chambers APD (B.Nutr&Diet)

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As a Dietitian, I spend a great deal of my day tailoring and fine-tuning a patient’s meal plan to make sure it’s just perfect for them to achieve their health and weight goals. That’s of course IF they have the time to carry out the shopping, preparation and cooking of those carefully constructed meals and snacks. The reality is however that so many people simply just don’t have that time or perhaps the confidence in the kitchen to create meals that really satisfy them. Very often these meal plans are started with the grandest of intentions but as soon as it impinges on our routine too dramatically, the healthy habits drop off and it’s back to grabbing food on the run and scoffing it between meetings again.

This is where a home-delivered meal system like Eat Fit Food can be your greatest tool.

The beauty of home-delivered meals is that they can be structured into your lifestyle in a way that suits you best, ranging from a set calorie-controlled menu that covers every meal and snack of every day, to just one healthy meal per day. This can be incredibly helpful and a real lifesaver for many people.

A UK study showed that people who had all their food provided every day were more successful in weight loss than those who were self-directed in their weight loss efforts. By having the meals and snacks available limits the opportunity for grabbing whatever is around, which is often not terribly healthy but even with good intentions, may contain extras like butter, margarine and oils you can’t control. Having available and eating pre-prepared, portion-controlled meals and snacks every day can reduce total calories and help regulate blood sugar levels, manage appetite and over-eating, and navigate around difficult situations like social events, seminars, work meetings and functions. Eating delicious foods that are different to the standard food you’d typically eat every day may mean a greater feeling of satisfaction after meals and less inclination to reach for junk food. Many companies offer online, phone and face-to-face support as well, which means you’ve got someone or something to be accountable to and to help you along your journey. Surprisingly, it can often be more cost-effective as well because eating out several times per day can really add up.

Some typical scenarios where home-delivered food can be helpful are:

  • The busy corporate Mum who is trying to stay on top of her health or lose a little weight and orders her entire day of meals and snacks for Monday through to Friday so she can enjoy cooking with the family and eating out on weekends
  • A couple who works long hours order a 10 meal pack so they’ve both got healthy, delicious dinners to come home to each work night
  • Someone who has let their healthy habits drop off over Christmas, a holiday or a very busy time wants to get their health back on track and might order a 20 day Cleanse program so all meals and snacks are delivered fresh every day for 20 days to reset healthy new habits.

Do your homework and choose your home-delivery company wisely. Look for companies who don’t remove entire food groups from their meal plans, for example dairy-free or grain-free. Avoid plans that include processed snack bars and meal replacements unless you have received advice from a health professional.  The goal is wholesome, great quality, unprocessed wholefoods that’s simply have had the hard work taken out for you.

To read more about Eat Fit Food, head to their website here. Sign up today for a 10 meal pack for the special price of $199.00. Use the code: SUSIE on sign up.



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