The secrets of Summer hydration

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The secrets of Summer hydration

Things are getting hot! And that means we need to start thinking about all things hydration. Not only do our fluid needs increase as the temperature soars but more time spent outdoors, especially if you are a keen exerciser means that we need to stay focused on our fluid intake. On a daily basis most of us do not drink enough fluid. This means when we consider the increased demands of Summer we can generally all benefit from drinking more. So here are my best tips to keep your hydration top of mind this Summer.

1. Start the day right

If coffee is your go to drink first thing, a simple swap to a cup of warm filtered water with lemon, or an infused tea will instantly put you on the right foot hydration wise. Check out the growing range of sugar free infused teas available at supermarkets which help to make hydration a whole lot easier.

2. Put your bottle in the right place

When drinking water is the easy option, hydrating becomes second nature and this means placing your water bottle in a position in which you will see it before you walk out the door. Another option is to keep appealing fluid in easy to reach places at home, in the car and at work so it is always easy to grab filtered water on the run. I keep a bottle in the car; a jug of infused water in the fridge and have my Zip HydroTap on hand for a glass of chilled sparkling water when I arrive home from work. 

3. Set your targets

When you have a daily water target, it is easier to track your overall fluid intake and there are also a number of apps for your mobile device or computer than can remind you throughout the day to drink. In generally aiming for 500-600ml before lunch, another 500-600ml throughout the afternoon and another 500-600ml throughout the evening will help you to keep on track with your fluid targets.

4. Use hydrating solutions where necessary

If you exercise in warm conditions you are likely to need an extra 500-1000ml of fluid to compensate for the total amount of fluid you have lost. Adding hydration salts is another way you can help to rehydrate quickly after intense training so you are fully recovered for your next session. It has also been shown that adding a little flavour to water with minimal sugars can also increase total fluid consumption. 

When we have great tasting, icy cold still or sparking water on tap the entire family drinks more. For this reason investing in a Zip HydroTap is one of the best Christmas presents you can give the family so good hydration is an easy choice for everyone, especially in the warm Australian Summer months. 

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