I bet an ice-cream is sounding pretty good today?

ice cream

If there is one food likely to be on your mind today chances are it is an ice-cream and the good news is that there are a number of cold treats that can satisfy your cravings for something icy cold without too many extra calories. Here are some of the best and worst choices.

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1. Frozen banana

A frozen banana has much of the same consistency as an ice-cream minus and is 100% natural and a great sweet treat for kids. Another trick is to dip the end in a little melted dark chocolate and nuts – delicious and nutritious.

2. Frozen Greek yoghurt

If you want to keep things super healthy, some frozen Greek yoghurt teamed with berries and dark chocolate buts is a protein rich icy treat.

3. Iced coffee

Coffee, ice and a little skim milk – a fav of many for less than 100 calories.

4. Paddle Pop

An oldie but a goody – a single Paddle Pop contains just 80 calories and 2g of fat. How good is that? The anti-sugar mob will hate it but there are a lot worse things for us than a little sugar in a low cal ice-cream occasionally and a message to those peeps, coconut sugar and rice malt syrup is still sugar so calm down.

5. Mango Weis Bar

Another great low calorie choice with just 111 calories per serve and our favourite Aussie fruit for Summer.

6. Skinny Cow Vanilla Ice-Cream Bar

With just 82 calories and <2g of fat this is another great choice, although it does contain sweetener to keep the calorie content low

7. Splice

With just 77 calories and 1g of fat, you cannot go wrong with this refreshing choice.

8. Frosty Fruits

If fruit is your thing you can get away with just 84calories and 16g of sugars for this much loved fav.

9. Weight Watchers Ice Cream Sundae

With 120 calories per serve and just 2g of fat, although slightly higher in sugar this remains a good dessert option.

10. A scoop of gelato

The plainer the gelato, the lower the calories will be – for example lemon or mango will have a lot fewer calories than Tobler one or Nutella and the trick with gelato is to keep it at 1 scoop!

And the worst choices ………

Ben & Jerry’s New York Superfudge Chunk

With 16g of fat per single scoop, it is not difficult to see how you can easily go wrong with this one, especially when you have an entire tub!

Ego Caramel Magnum

Who does not love a Magnum but this variety will give you a massive 400 calories per serve and 26g of total fat.


A popular choice but the high fat combo of biscuit and ice cream will give you 320 calories and more than 20g of fat.

Heaven Chunky Cookie

With 20g of fat and 320 calories, the thick chocolate layer is to blame in this high calorie, high fat treat.