Introducing Shape Me Cooks.

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Today I have another exciting development from Shape Me to share with you all. For those of you who are not familiar with Shape Me, Shape me is an online weight loss program that offers direct access to a dietitian and caters to a number of key dietary requirements including gluten free, PCOS, low FODMAPS and insulin resistance meal plans. Shape Me has now helped thousands of Australians achieve their weight loss goals. Shape Me is popular as it features personalised meal plans plus the support of a dietitian literally making it your own personal dietitian. One of the other major strengths of Shape Me is that it has hundreds of calorie controlled recipes, recipes that Shape Me users are often keen to continue using after their program finishes. It is for this reason that we have now launched Shape Me Cooks – a recipe subscription that allows you to access the Shape Me recipes for just $19.95 a month – that’s less than 72c a day!

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When it comes to recipes, my mantra is simple, literally keep it simple. As soon as I see complicated recipes with numerous ingredients, I simply tune out because I have no time to make elaborate meals, especially during the week. As such as of the Shape Me recipes are simple, primarily using mainstream supermarket brands and can bee made within just 10-20 minutes suiting families and busy people in general.

Want to try some of our Shape Me recipes out first? Try our most popular recipes for free, here!

So if you are looking for some recipe inspiration and are also keen for your recipes to be nutritionally balanced and calorie controlled, check out Shape Me Cooks. Recipes are added weekly and we cater for all major dietary requirements. It could not be easier than having your healthy recipes at the touch of a button 24 hours a day!

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