A new product I am loving – Lean Cuisine Pots of Goodness


It has been a while since I have written about specific products here on the blog, one reason being that I have not seen that many great new products of recent months but today I want to share with you a new little gem I have discovered and before you get all cynical, no this is not a sponsored post. I genuinely love this product.

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Now I am not the biggest fan of frozen meals – most are high carb, heavily processed and offer little protein or vege bulk but when I was writing a frozen meal review recently I stumbled across these little gems. Lean Cuisine Pots of Goodness. With just 250-350 calories per serve, up to 20g of protein, 6+ grams of fibre and up to 44% veggies, this is without doubt one of the strongest frozen meal options in the supermarket. And for just $7-8 oer serve a fantastic healthy lunch on the go. So no more excuses about being too busy to cook and resorting to fast food. Healthy eating does not get easier than this.

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Lean Cuisine Pots of Goodness – Mexican Chicken Chipotle


Per 320g serve

226 cal

13.8g protein

24.6g carbs

8.3g sugars

6.7g fibre

6.4g fat


Vegetables (44%) (onion, red capiscum, carrot, corn, spinach, green capsicum), tomato (15%), chicken breast (12%), cooked pearl barley,black beans (8%) cooked freekah (contains wheat) (5%), sunflower seeds (1.5%), water, dextrose, tapioca starch, thickener (carrageenan), vegetable fibre (citrus), corn starch, tomato paste (0.5%), garlic, paprika, brown sugar, chipotle powder, salt, coriander, yeast extract, cumin, lemon, juice concentrate.

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