The new edition of Losing the Last 5kg is now available!

Losing The Last 5kg CVR 3D

Writing a book is a big thing. It is kind of like having a baby. You think about it for years beforehand. The process of writing it is slow and arduous and then when it is finally released it is great but also sometimes not what you expect. When I wrote my first book, Losing the Last 5kg 7 years ago it was bittersweet. Yes I was proud of the book but it was hard to find in bookshops, someone else wrote a book with a similar name and the whole process was not what I hoped it would be. In saying that, Losing the Last 5kg sold quite a few copies and as such my publishers approached me last year with the idea to republish it. I was keen but wanted it updated to reflect the changes in diets we have seen over the past few years.

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So now, as we release the new edition of Losing the Last 5kg I am pretty proud. The manuscript is much stronger than the first book. I have literally rewritten 30000 words and I am really proud of the final product. With updated sections on intermittent fasting, eating with others, diet detoxes and meal timing, Losing the Last 5kg is a great daily manual for everyone who simply wants to control their weight in busy modern life. 

So if you liked the first edition, still want to lean up but avoid strict diets and fads, check out the new and revised Losing the Last 5kg, I am sure there will be something in there for you. 

Losing the Last 5kg is available to purchase now on Booktopia and Amazon.