No, I do not promote a low carb approach

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After we launched our 2 week Kickstart plan a couple of weeks back there was some feedback questioning on why I was supporting a low carb diet so I thought it was important to set the record straight.

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When it comes to carbohydrates, things are not always so clearly explained. A low carb diet approach refers to a diet in which most of the carbohydrate rich foods are eliminated, resulting in an intake of just 10-20% of total calories or less than 80-100g of total carbs being consumed per day. In such diets, ketosis may be triggered in which fat is being burnt at the expense of carbohydrate. Such a dietary approach is favoured by a number of diet fans reporting that a low crab approach is the best diet for weight loss, longevity and health. While such an approach will work (as all diets ‘work’ when they are followed, the issue for the average person is that unless they do not want to eat bread, fruit, grains and starchy veges for the rest of their days, it is not a diet favoured by many long term. 

So let it be said, I do not favour, nor promote a low carb approach, although as a dietitian working in clinical practice I may use such an approach if I have a client who wants or may need this diet. Rather, the approach I have always used, and have again used in the Shape Me Kickstart is a lower carbohydrate approach in which 30-40% of total calories are coming via carbs. Not only is this not a ‘low carb’ diet but it still includes carbohydrate rich foods including good quality breads, controlled portions of grains, fruit and starchy vegetables. It is not a ‘detox’, or promoting unsustainable weight loss, it is simply a calorie controlled, carb controlled diet packed full of fresh foods for a 2 week period to help kick start weight loss and remind us how good we feel when we eat the amounts of fresh foods we should be for optimal health. 

Si if you are interested to know how much carbohydrate you are eating, rather than label it low carb it may be best to check exactly how much you are consuming via a calorie monitoring app such as ‘myfitnesspal’. Very rarely is what you think is ‘low carb’, actually low carb at all.