Making your fav meals healthier

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Good nutrition especially when it comes to enjoying your favourite meals does not have to be difficult. If fact, just a few cheeky changes to some old school recipes can translate some old favourites into light, nutritious meals. So if you want good nutrition to come without the labels, hype and drama, here are the easiest ways to convert your favourite family meals to healthy options without any one even noticing.

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1. Spag Bol

Present me with a child (or adult for that matter) who does not like spag bol and I will eat a chocolate bar – LOL! Now while spag bol is a pretty healthy meal it can be relatively heavy in carbs and meat, and low in vegetables.

Make it healthier by:

  • Swapping pasta for zucchini pasta made using a spiralizer like this one:
  • Chop extra vegetables finely through the sauce to ½ the amount of pasta and boost up the vegetable content. If you want to go all out, you can also replace ½ your meat with kidney beans.

2. Fried fish or chicken and chips

Who does not enjoy fried fish or BBQ chicken and chips but it is a meal packed full of fat. The good news is that new age air fryers mean that busy families can enjoy the crunch of fried food for a lot less oil

Make it healthier by:

  • Swapping potato chips for sweet potato chips and getting one of these fab new low oil fryers available from DeLonghi: (Don’t forget you can win one of these fab Multifry’s in my Peppercorn Food Company competition here.)

3. Stir fry

White rice is not an overly nutritious grain and yet kids love it and let’s be honest, stirfry it is a really quick dinner when you are in a hurry.

Make is healthier by:

  • Swapping to cauliflower rice. Trust me, the kids will not even notice so don’t tell them Learn how to make cauliflower rice here:

4. Sausages and mash

Another favourite of the little monsters yet some sausages can contain as much as 20g of fat per sausage and potato mash packed with butter is not so healthy either.

Make it healthier by:

  • Swapping to Peppercorn Lean Snags – the leanest and best tasting snag on the market (kids love them):
  • And if you want to go the whole hog, swapping some potato for pumpkin mash will lower the carb load of this dinner.

Pic above: Peppercorn Extra Lean Chicken Sausages with pumpkin mash, steamed beans and caramelised onions, taken from the Peppercorn Facebook Page.

5. Hamburgers

Who does not love a burger and kids in particular love to make their own burgers or tacos or pizzas. Burgers are not particularly unhealthy, but the extra bread in burritos, burgers and pizzas can boost the carb content.

Make it healthier by:

  • Swapping to lettuce cups. Whether you are cupping minced chicken, hamburgers or regular mince the kids will love making their own and you can bump up their vegetable intake as a result.



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