Food and Water: How to maximise your hydration by combining food and water.

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We regularly talk about the importance of drinking enough fluids to maintain optimal hydration. Far less frequently do we talk about the ways we can also eat our way to better hydration, especially during the warmer months of the year. So while any meal or snack is best consumed with plenty of filtered water, here are some easy ways to boost your hydration through your food choices.

1. Juice the right foods

While fruit juice contains plenty of concentrated sugars, vegetable juices, on the other hand are relatively low in sugars and calories and offer loads of vitamins, minerals and plenty of water. The majority of vegetables contain between 80-95% water, and when blended into juices, offer plenty of good quality fluid. Good options that work well together in a juice includes carrots, beetroot, celery, spinach and kale.

2. Don’t forget your fruit

Fruit can cop a bad rap as it is a source of the natural sugar fructose, but when consumed whole, fruit is a rich source of vitamins, fibre and water. For example, fruits such as melons, stone fruit and berries are up to 90% water, which means that fresh fruit makes for great hydration and nutritious snacks, especially during summer. Aim to consume two pieces of fruit each day and don’t forget that frozen fruit can make a lower sugar, refreshing sweet treat in place of ice creams and sugary drinks. 

3. Load up on salad

A popular food myth is that you burn more calories eating a salad than the salad actually contains. While this is not entirely true, the high water content of salad vegetables makes all kinds of salads perfect hydration boosters. Often at meal times we forget about the importance of low-calorie side dishes, including salads. The simple act of adding a salad to any meal can reduce your overall calorie intake by as much as 100 calories per meal. The best salad mixes include plenty of leafy greens and high water vegetables including celery, capsicum and cucumber. 

4. Swap your hot drinks

If you find that your cup of hot coffee simply does not do it for you in the warmer months, perhaps it is time to switch to refreshing iced teas. Extremely popular in the United States, low sugar iced teas, in both herbal and caffeinated varieties can be made simply by mixing your favourite tea bags with your Zip HydroTap chilled filtered water  plenty of water and ice. Not only do these flavoured drinks contain no calories, they also add plenty of fluid into your diet. 

5. Go for fruit desserts

Who does not enjoy an icy treat during the warm weather? A simple swap to a fruit-based sorbet or iced dessert is an easy way to indulge in a sweet treat, whilst giving the body plenty of extra fluid. In fact, you can even make a 100% fruit sorbet using just melon or berries, which contains no added sugars, tastes amazing and is hydrating at the same time. Alternatively combine fresh fruit with a little natural yoghurt and freeze for a hydrating, low sugar alternative to ice cream. 

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