Top tips for mums to drink more water

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Why it is hard for mums to drink more water?

Drinking enough water is one of those things that we often take for granted with our health. Like eating vegetables, we know we need to do it, yet life can and does often get in the way of us drinking enough on a daily basis. After talking to a television colleague of mine recently; another mum who has three small children, she also reminded me that one of the biggest issues mums have when it comes to drinking the 1-2L of water we ideally need each day for optimal hydration is needing to use the bathroom more frequently. Not only are the pelvic floors not so great after childbirth, but many a busy mum can attest to the fact that when you are juggling the demands of small children, sometimes you barely find enough time to go to the bathroom at all, let alone multiple times a day when you are hitting your water targets. So if you are a mum who identifies with this and knows that there is nothing worse than sitting in the car with a sleeping baby and demanding toddler, busting to go to the loo, here are the ways to keep hydrated each day whilst managing your bathroom needs. 

1. Drink early

Most mums will spend at least the first hour or two of their day at home and as such starting the day with a large herbal tea, or glass of filtered lemon water is the best way to start the day well-hydrated but also with enough time to empty your bladder before you hit the road. As we know, once the kids are up there is no time to do anything, so developing a morning ritual that includes you drinking a reasonable amount of fluid is the best way to get your daily hydration on the right path. 

2. Keep a bottle with you, both in your bag and in your car

As we know, any large volume of fluid will see us rushing to the bathroom 40-60 minutes later, which is not always practical. On the other hand, sipping small amounts of water regularly will help to ensure you never experience the uncomfortable urgency we get after a large coffee or bottle of water. This also means you can time your fluid intake to ensure it corresponds to the next time you will be close to a bathroom. Having a bottle in both your bag and your car avoids the scenario of us never having the bottle in the right place, at the right time. 

3. Hydrate with your food

During the day it may not be all that practical to sit down with a cup of tea or expect yourself to drink an entire bottle of water at lunch, but another simple trick is to get some of your daily fluid via high water fruits and vegetables, as well as soups and salads. A bowl of soup at lunchtime, along with a snack of berries or some cut up cucumber contributes a good amount of water to your diet, as well as plenty of nutrition for minimal calories. 

4. Drink when you eat

Many mums will be sitting down sometime between 5pm and 7pm each day to join their children in the feeding frenzy. While many a mum will grab a glass of wine at this time, a great habit to get into is to keep a large glass of still or sparking water handy. This way you are catching up on the fluid you may have missed during the day, but do not need to worry about the availability and location of a clean bathroom. 

5. Go for the herbals after dinner

While tea and coffee do contribute to our daily total fluid intake, when it comes to hydration, herbal tea is the best option for the evening, as they contain no caffeine, which may disrupt sleep. Peppermint, caffeine-free green tea or mixed berries are all good options which may even help to prevent and manage sugar cravings. 

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