My flat stomach is long gone

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IMG_2587Prior to having my twins in January this year I was pretty obsessed with exercise. I would exercise most days and often more than once, fitting in as much walking, gym workouts and PT sessions as I could in between working. I even trained right up until the twins were born with slow, heavy walks filling my last few days despite my enormous belly. If you had asked me what my exercise plans were after the birth I would have answered you with an air of arrogance that only naivety can permit – I would return to this amount of exercise and be back to my pre-pregnancy shape within weeks. How silly I was.

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IMG_4260As you can see there is still plenty of baby belly left almost 4 months after I had the twins and despite even my own Dad pointing that out just this morning, which is really no surprise giving the quantity of cakes and high fat breastfeeding cookies I have been demolishing for the past 3 months I really have little interest in doing much about it right now. And I definitely have no interest in getting back into full blown training for the many hours each week like I used to. Suddenly the whole idea of spending time in a gym when I could be with my little bundles is a no brainer and the only thing I am even remotely interested in doing is walking with them, however slowly I need to go to show them the ocean, the dogs and the world around. Even thinking about the obsession I used to have for what I looked like; whether my bum was bigger; how much weight I wanted to lose seems pointless, superficial, boring and self-absorbed. I have much more important things to think about and spend my time doing and this could continue for the rest of the year or the next 18. Time will tell.

I have also lost interest in the many social media posts highlighting peoples body’s – I really don’t want or need to see another fitness model / personal trainer / super mum posing in their gym outfits. We know you have a good body, do we really need to see it every single day? Maybe I am just jealous but I still don’t think I would post pictures of my body like that even if I looked good. Instead my social media feeds are filled with ideas for dinner, lots of baby’s and ideas for twins. When I see you constantly at the gym I can’t help but wonder why you don’t have anything better to do than look at yourself in the mirror…..again.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the gym and I love working out along with the huge rush in endorphin’s that comes from it. And of course I know only too well the benefits of keeping fit and healthy and being a good role model for kids. I just don’t think this translates into countless hours spent training taking selfies when you could be out living.

So instead of the original 3 month get back to before training plan I had set for myself I have taken all time frames off getting rid of my belly. It will come off when it’s ready. And I promise you I won’t post a selfie of it……even if and when I ever get it even close to looking flat again.