My top 5 snack bars at the moment.


Any type of snack bar routinely gets much criticism for being ‘processed’ and ‘high in sugar’. Now I agree that the majority of the snack bars marketed as lunchbox fillers for kids are highly processed, high in added sugar and are a source of largely ‘empty’ calories. For busy adults though there are a number of snack bars that can be used as convenient, calorie and portion controlled options that mean you do not need to head to the vending machine when the 3pm munchies hit. Here are my favourite adult snack bars and the reasons I like them

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Carman’s Nut Bars

Carman’s have a wide range of snack bars but the nut bar ranges are my favourite. With a clean ingredient lists, 5+g of protein and minimal sugars for a snack bar that still tastes great, these are great mid-afternoon snacks, especially the espresso flavour! Also, the Carman’s Protein Bar –  is another stand out with a massive 10g of protein per serve

Go Natural Nut Delight  

The original Nut Delight and the new Almond, Cranberry and Pepita are particularly rich in polyunsaturated fats thanks to their high walnut and seed contents and taste way too good to be true. The great thing about nut bars vs. fresh nuts is that portion control (C’mon, we know you have eaten the whole bag at some point) is much easier.

Goodness Superfoods Fibre Boost Bars

Usually I like snacks to contain some protein, but for those who love a grain based bar, you cannot go past this low calorie, high fibre bars that contain a massive  9g of fibre and <5g of sugars per bar.  A great mid-morning top up.

Food for Health Fruit Free Bars

One of the few low fructose bars out there for those needing low FODMAPS that actually taste great – find them in the health food section of the supermarket.

Uncle Toby’s Farmer’s Pick

A new one to my list – there is nothing stand out about this product but it is relatively low in calories, has minimal added sugars and is a reasonably good top up as a quick sweet snack on