My top gluten free products


Gluten free eating coped a bashing last week, and although not all gluten free foods are healthy, even though they masquerade as being so, there are a number of great gluten free foods available, which may be important for the 700000+ people in Australia who do need to eat gluten free. So, for those peeps, or for those who simply prefer to eat gluten free as they feel better, here are my top supermarket gluten free foods

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1. Food for Health Gluten Free Fruit Free Clusters 

My fav fructose and gluten free breakfast cereal, thanks to its strong nutritional profile and low sugar content

2. Go Natural Nut Delight Bars 

These have been my favourite nut bars for a long time now thanks to the high amount of walnuts included in the recipe that really bumps up their good fat content. With just 10g of carbs, 6g of sugars and 6g of protein, this is a perfectly nutritionally balanced snack

3. Peppercorn Lean Sausages and Burgers

Not only are they the leanest snag on the market but the entire range is gluten free – found in Woolies & IGA

4. PureBred

If you can find it, this gluten free bread and its great range of rolls and muffins have significantly fewer calories than the majority of gluten free bread out these

5. Orgran Quinoa Crispibread 

It is very hard to find a great tasting gluten free cracker but this is one of the best to team with cheese or nut spread for a filling snack

6. Corn Thins

I much prefer corn as a grain to rice snacks and corn thins taste great with just about everything

7. Carman’s Nut Bars

My other favourite nut bars that taste great and tick all the nutritional boxes a good packaged snack should

8. Fave Beans 

Naturally gluten free but a fibre, protein rich snack nevertheless

9. Celebrate Health Gluten Free Stocks

This entire range of products are gluten free but the stocks in particular are fantastic soup bases – found in Coles

 Celebrate Health – Food with Heart

10. La Zuppa

One the best pre made soups on the market and the entire range is gluten free