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Who does not love to eat? Sure there may be the few of us who find eating regular meals and cooking a chore but nine times out of ten, individuals will describe food and eating as their greatest sources of pleasure and enjoyment. Unfortunately, food, particularly foods that we love to eat contain calories, often a lot of calories which we can find hard to burn off in modern sedentary life. There is some good news though; there are also some foods that contain very few calories. In fact, it could be argued that it takes more calories to burn these foods that they actually contain – imagine?! Here are some of those low calorie wonders you can munch on till your hearts content.

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Forget an apple a day to keep the doctor away, munching on an entire cucumber will give you just 12 calories and make sure you leave the skin on for an extra fibre boost.


1/4 of an entire cauliflower contains just 35 calories and 3g total carbohydrates which make it a perfect low carb alternative to rice.


With iceberg lettuce making a comeback you can add 2 cups of crunchy leaves to your lunch for maximal fullness and just 10 calories.

Red capsicum

Not only is red capsicum a Vitamin C and antioxidant powerful, but you can entire an entire nutrient rich red capsicum for just 30 calories.

Green Tea

Forget milk based coffee and tea when you can enjoy antioxidant rich green tea which may also support fat loss for just 2 calories


Make sure you source them locally but these fibre rich nutrient powerhouses contain just 35 calories per ½ cup making them the perfect sweet snack.


Not the dieter choice of fruit for nothing, ½ a grapefruit contains just 30 calories and is a fibre rich fruit that is difficult to overeat thanks to its tart flavour.


Another rich source of Vitamin C, an entire tomato contains just 30 calories.


A wholegrain snack which seems too good to be true when you learn it contains just 30 calories per entire cup.


With a single prawn containing just 25 calories, prawns can be a low calorie protein rich alternative to oily fish and red meat, especially for lunch salads and antipasto platters.



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