All about the new CSIRO Diet Program – Impromy

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Many of you would have seen reports of A Current Affair this week that CSIRO has a new diet program (, which they do and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with the programs founder, and weight loss guru, Prof Manny Noakes. -

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Manny, thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us today, with such a massive new program as Impromy ( – how long have you been working  on this new program?

We began work 3 years ago starting on the development of an app which we tested and retested the context of a meal replacement program. We then had to work on the computer program which helps guide the pharmacy consultant and personalises the eating plan for the client. Once that was in place we constructed a training program for pharmacy consultants, developed the high protein recipes to be used with the meal replacements and finally incorporated the health check using point of care tests that are already available in some pharmacies.

2) The original CSIRO Total Well Being Plan was so popular, how does this program differ?

We are delivering this program which is called Impromy through a commercial company using a train the trainer approach. It is still a high protein eating plan but using meal replacements makes it easier to communicate and more convenient for resetting eating habits. Perhaps a vital difference is not so much the diet but the level of support that is provided to the client to help them to achieve results.

3) For whom do you think Impromy would suit?


Anyone who doesn’t have complex medical conditions and wants a convenient way to fast track weight loss in a safe and healthy way. There are some people that may need a doctors referral and may need to be co-managed. There are some people that Impromy may not suit but a c

Manny_Noakes (1)

the support program around the meal replacements as well as provide a transition process to whole foods.

hat to the Impromy consultant will establish if it is right for particular individuals.

4) What sort of results c

an those seeking weight loss expect following the Impromy program?

1kg per week is on average is what we expect and the first couple of weeks is usually more than that.

5) The program inc

ludes the use of meal replacements, which can be a controversial inclusion in various diet programs, what is your view on meal replacements?

Well it’s interesting be

cause meal replacement program’s have very good evidence to support them in research studies. They have been used successfully as

part of weight management in diabetes prevention and there is also evidence for their use in long term weight loss. But outside research

settings, meal replacements bought off the shelf probably aren’t that effective. What we have tried to do is build

6) You have worked as a dietitian and researched weight loss for many, many years – what are your stand out tips for long term weight control?

These are not just my tips but what we know from research

  • Checking your weight at least weekly is critically important..which is why we have a weight tracker in the Impromy app
  • Keeping to a regular eating routine as much as possible and being mindful of what you eat
  • Exercising regularly is amongst the most important habits that relates to long term weight loss






  • Yash says:

    Hi Susie…Thanks always for such useful information.
    Just to let you know the link to the chat video over YouTube is not working.
    Hoping to see it working soon…so that we can benefit from your experience!!

  • Helen Souter says:

    I have made an appointment to talk to Impromy staff on Wednesday – Being able to talk to a consultant and weigh on a weekly basis I think will be of great assistance for me. I am looking forward to this new concept.

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