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cover-spring-reset-thumb With less than 8 weeks until Christmas it will not surprise you to hear that all is very busy in diet land. All of a sudden we have realised that the time to bare flesh is upon us, unfortunately along with the 3-5kg many of us have gained over the Winter months. Many of us are keen to lose weight, and to lose weight fast.

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For a long time now we have been told that it is better to lose weight slowly in order to be more likely to keep it off long term. This belief has been challenged more recently. Updates research now suggests that losing weight relatively quickly may help motivate people to keep going with their new lifestyle plans, the key being we need to make sure that the methods we choose to lose weight fast are sustainable. That is the number one thing to always ask yourself as you try any new weight loss program – are the methods you are using sustainable? If the answer is no, chances are there are better weight loss options available.

And that is why I have compiled all my best programs, recipes and tips for quick, but sustainable weight loss in my new e-book – The Shape Me Spring Reset Plan - Not only does this e-book describe the process of losing quickly yet safely but it gives you all the specific information you need on meal replacement shakes, juice fasts, cutting back on sugars and the easy ways to get organised and take control of your food, your diet and ultimately your life long term.

So, if you have a few kg to lose over the next month or so, give the The Shape Me Reset Plan a try. It will not only give your diet the reset it requires, but it will give you a program to return to anytime you need to give your diet a reset, how handy is that?

And for my fabulous followers, I have an exert from the ebook, just for you!

A diet reset?

While there is no scientific evidence to show that the body needs to “detox” or that a detox is effective in achieving sustainable weight loss, it is a popular option for many, particularly at the beginning of the warmer seasons. What a detox or ‘reset’ as I like to call it does do, is offer an opportunity to refocus and establish some clear diet and fat loss goals, empower you to concentrate on making healthy choices daily and if done correctly can see a couple of kilograms fall off, which can be motivation in itself to maintain your new lifestyle program. Studies have shown that weight loss programs are more likely to be maintained if results are seen during the initial phase of the program, as people tend to be able to maintain motivation levels for longer if they feel as if their new plan is working.

Even better news is the fact that you do not need to fork out hundreds of dollars buying pills and potion to reset your diet effectively, An effective reset can just as easily involve cutting out the processed foods and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol from your diet for a few days or week long period to feel refreshed, reenergised and lighter as your body rids itself of excessive fluid it tends to accumulate when too much salt and fatty food is eaten on a daily basis.

So, in preparation for your own diet reset, the most important thing is to remember that planning is the key to dietary success and as he Shape Me Spring Reset Plan Page 6 Shape Me, the 30 Day Plan such, taking some time to help prepare for the next few weeks is key step as you move closer to your weight loss goals. So sometime over the next few days, make sure you allocate some time to work through the following steps.

1) Clear out the cupboards

If it is not there, you cannot eat it so it is time to throw away all the tempting treats that could distract you from your weight loss goals.

2) Stock up on supplies

Make time to get to the supermarket or to order all the ingredients for the meals and snacks you will need for the plan for the next week at least.

3) Set your goal

You may like to lose 5kg or 10kg or simply cement a strong exercise and diet plan but whatever your goal, write it down and make sure it is clear as outcome is significantly more likely when goals are set.

4) Recruit your supporters

The more people around you who will help you to stay on track, the more likely you will succeed. Let your closest friends and family know of your commitment to this program and ask for their help and support to keep you focused. he Shape Me Spring Reset Plan Page 7 Shape Me, the 30 Day Plan

5) Develop laser beam focus

Weight loss programs fall by the wayside because we let them. Committing with laser beam focus to do whatever you need to do to keep on track is a powerful mindset that distinguishes those who work and get the results they want from those who lose focus and find excuses. Make this program that helps you find your focus and help you take control of your weight, for good.

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  • Barbara says:

    Hi Susie,
    I was interested in your comments on meal replacement drinks.
    I have been trying to lose 5 kg forever I am now 72 and I am 5.8 .
    I have just started the 5.2 diet, and found on my fasting days a meal drink has really helped me stay on track. I am nearly 3kg down after 4 weeks, and feel a lot better for it.
    I do have a healthy respect for good food and eat veggies and fruit every day. When I calculate my calories on my normal days, it seems I only get to around 800 per day, and that has been normal for me. I am wondering if that is why I haven’t lost weight in the past, I haven’t been eating enough.!!
    I would be interested in your comments.

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