A new supplement partnership with D&X

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An exciting announcement today – I am thrilled to announce that I have joined the team at D&X and come on board as an official ambassador for the health, well-being and lifestyle brand.

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D&X is an Australian conglomerate manufacturing dietary supplements here in Australia. With a commitment to natural, Australian made products D&X products have the goal of supporting optimal health, vitality and well-being.

Watch an introduction to D&X from CEO Rick Chapman see inside the 2016 Global Launch on Sky News Business.

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My role with D&X is to communicate the scientific evidence with D&X’s global R&D team for specific supplements and how they may compliment your diet and lifestyle goals. With products ranging from high strength fish oil, to cranberry relief for urinary health and glucosamine for joint health, D&X is committed to much product development over the next few years.

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If you are in Sydney, check out the flagship store in Haymarket (389-391 Sussex Street, Sydney) and look for special offers we will be running through my website. Each couple of weeks we will also be showcasing a D&X product and outlining the ways in which they may compliment your healthy lifestyle choices and I will be blogging regularly on the role of supplements and how to use them the right way in your diet. So stay tuned for exciting developments with this new brand!

Don’t forget to jump across to the D&X Facebook page to keep up to date on all their announcements too.