Why eggs are my number 1 healthy breakfast choice

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Guess what! Its World Egg Day today and as an official ambassador it is really not hard work to share with you the many, many nutritional benefits of eggs.

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As a dietitian you are often asked to rank different food choices and I am hard pressed to find a better breakfast option nutritionally than an egg. Poached, scrambled, made into an omelette or added to shakes, smoothies and baking, eggs are nutrient powerhouses that not only offer a number of nutritional benefits but eggs are also associated with a growing body of evidence to show that they appear to be very helpful when it comes to weight control.

Nutritionally eggs are among the most nutrient dense foods available not only offering high biological value protein but also more than 20 other essential nutrients including iron, zinc, selenium, iodine, Vitamin A, folate, the brain boosting nutrient choline and lutein and zeaxanthin, 2 powerful antioxidants known to reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration.

Despite this extensive list of key nutrients, eggs have copped a beating and been limited in many a diet with concerns raised about their effect on blood cholesterol levels.  The good news is that the belief that eggs increase blood cholesterol has finally been dispelled – it is now known that it is the overall nutritional profile of the diet, along with an individual’s lifestyle choices and their genetics that are more likely to have a direct impact on an individual’s cholesterol levels. In food terms this means that we can all enjoy an egg or two every day without any negative health consequences.

Perhaps the greatest benefit associated with eating eggs, in particular eggs for breakfast is the direct and indirect impact they have been shown to have on weight control. A couple of eggs teamed with a slice or two of grain based toast contains close to 20g of protein. It is this amount of animal based protein which provides the body with plenty of leucine, the amino acid directly involved in regulating insulin levels in the body. The more tightly we control our insulin levels, the better it is for weight control and appetite regulation – indeed this may explain why we feel full until lunchtime when we have tucked into a hearty egg based breakie.

There is more and more research available to support these benefits, in particular when we compare an egg based breakie to other popular breakfast choices. A study published back in 2013 in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that an egg based breakfast increased fullness and resulted in a lower calorie intake for the remainder of the day compared to a breakfast cereal or croissant breakfast. Nutritionally it is thought that it is a lower carbohydrate load associated with eggs and toast for breakfast, along with the fact that egg breakfasts are up to 80% higher in protein than other bread and cereal only based breakfast options that gives this effect.

As a dietitian, I generally recommend eggs for breakfast as choosing eggs also means I can get my clients to include some vegetables with their breakfast – tomatoes or mushies served with poached eggs; a mix of vegetables added to a scramble or even salad vegetables added to an egg breakie wrap can go a long way in boosting our daily nutritional intake of veges, fibre, vitamins and minerals. And that is without even considering the nutritional benefits the eggs themselves offer.

One of the most common barriers to preparing a nutritious breakfast is a lack of time, and eggs are commonly thought of as too time consuming to be considered a daily breakfast option of choice. The good news is that your daily egg boost does not need to take a lot of time – try hard boiling your eggs the night before and enjoying on toast mashed with avocado or teamed with some salad on a breakfast wrap; if you are super organised you can prepare mini breakfast fritttatas and heat one up each morning as you rush out the door, or even scramble your eggs and veges the night before and heat up once you get to work and enjoy with some wholegrain toast. It will be the best food decision you make all day and your waistline will agree.

My favourite egg breakfast recipeScreen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.31.10 pm 

Egg Scramble

Serves 1


2 tsp. olive oil
2 eggs, lightly beaten with milk as desired
½ small zucchini finely grated
½ cup chopped mushrooms
1 tomato, finely chopped
½ red capsicum, finely chopped
¼ cup white cheese or grated cheddar


1. Add olive oil to pan and lightly cook vegetables for 2-3 minutes until zucchini is cooked through.

2. Add egg to mix and cook for a further 2-3 minutes until egg cooked through.

3. Add cheese and serve with wholegrain toast.