Updated post: Packaged snacks for kids

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Of course fruit, dairy and homemade snacks are always the best option when it comes to lunchbox fillers but let’s be honest, there are plenty of parents who buy packaged snacks for their kids. So, if you do, here are some of the better packaged snacks for kids that I see on the market.

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LCM’s Oaty Bubble Bars

With 25% less sugar than original LCM’s; just 100calories per serve and 2g of fibre, if you want to avoid fights with your kids but still give them a snack that is relatively low in sugars, you will find they like this one.

Sunbites Air Popped Popcorn

With <80 calories per serve, 2g of fibre and no added sugars, popcorn is a great lunchbox choice.

The Happy Snack Company Kids Roasted FAV-VA beans

With a perfect mix of protein and fibre, minus the sugars of many snack foods, these tasty morsels come in a variety of flavours and are a much better option nutritionally then potato chips.

Struggle with the balance of a healthy lunchbox and one they will also actually eat? See Susie’s breakdown of what a well balanced lunchbox should look like here.

Milo Energy Snack Bars

With <5g of added sugars, just 80calories and almost 2g of fibre, this popular brand combines some nutrition with a child friendly product.

Freedom Foods Caramel Crunch

One of the very few gluten free, nut free snack bars that comes in at just 80cals, is low in sugars and has a massive 4g of fibre per bar.

ARI Bars

In the health food section, a low sugar, gluten free bar option for <100calories.

Cobb’s Popcorn

Another popcorn option.

Milo Starz

Another 80 calorie snack choice with a relatively low amount of sugar compared to traditional biscuit style snacks for kids.

Uncle Toby’s Fruity Bites

Individual sized portions of breakfast cereal that combines wholegrains and fibre in <80calories and 5g of sugars.

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