5 things you can do this weekend if your planning to eat healthy

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With the year well and truly underway if you have not done so already it is time to get your nutrition sorted. Eating well and as a result weight control is rarely found via fad diets or strict regimes. Rather regular time committed to planning and organisation tends to predict whether we are on track with our nutritional goals or not. So if losing a few kg or eating better is on your list of priorities, here are the things you can do this weekend if your planning to eat healthy.

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1. Allocate some time

You do not need hours and hours but you do need at least 30 minutes on a Saturday morning or Sunday evening to consider what the week ahead has in store and what you need to prepare or purchase to ensure you have the nutritious foods on hand you need to eat well. This time can be spent planning your meals or when you are going to do the shopping or even shopping online but making sure you allocate this time will help to keep your week on track in one way or another.

2. Make a meal plan

Some people like every one of their meals and snacks planned in advance, others just knowing what they will be having for dinner but  whatever your preference knowing what you will need to eat well in advance will make shopping a whole lot easier and help to avoid that last minute take away run when you realise you have no food supplies in the house.

3. Get some provisions

This may mean a whole supermarket shop or ordering your groceries online but starting the week with the healthy foods on hand you need to eat well is crucial is your goal is to eat better – remember that meals we purchase away from the home generally have 30-50% more calories than a meal you would prepare at home which is why weight control is so much easier when you prepare as many as your meals as possible.

4. Cook at least one meal

You may like to be super organised and cook a lot more than this but starting the week with at least 1 soup or frozen dinner will make the world of difference when you get home late hungry and really would like to avoid buying high fat, higher calorie take away and fast food options.

5. Plan and pack your snacks

You may have your regular breakfast and lunch choices sorted. You may also eat out regularly and know your quick and easy meals each night but often where we fall down is when it comes to choosing healthy snacks. Generally speaking the snacks we choose at work tend to be high carb options that lack the protein we need to keep us full throughout the afternoon. Make a concerted effort to pack or have a supply of at least 1 protein rich snack such as a nut bar or cheese and crackers for each day along with some extra veges or soup. You will be surprised how much better you eat when you have the right provisions on hand.