Pregnancy Update Week 35 – It’s massive

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Another 4 weeks down and what feels like a million extra kilos of weight!  I am now 35 1/2 weeks and for the first time feeling pretty heavy with these bubbas – bubbas which scans suggest are pretty big for twins and my joints, feet and hips are really feeling them. But there is only a week or two to go so really I cannot complain. Overall the pregnancy has been kind to me and I am trying to enjoy all of it as much as I can. I trained right up until Christmas at which time my body pretty much told me it had had enough and so at this stage am just walking. Although I am very slow and my joints are pretty sore for a day or two afterwards just because of the weight on my body. As I get closer to my due date I also don’t really want to push things and go into labour early for the sake of a few extra training sessions. I can tell that much of the extra weight is now fluid, which I cannot stand and have been having daily beetroot juices and bowls of DETOX soup ( to try and naturally rid my body of as much fluid as I can.

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We have also been putting the finishing touches on the nursery. As you can see it is looking pretty cute in there and was relatively easy to out together with some animal jungle stickers we found online which really make the room. While the room may look quite lovely, the most important section of the room is the sofa bed where my mum will sleep when she comes to help me!

So now with just a couple of weeks to go we play the waiting game. One thing that has been quite interesting is how other people talk about pregnancy, especially a twin pregnancy. Some people are excited and are literally busting on the street to talk to me but there are far more people who love to talk about the negatives – it is going to be so tough, I hope you are ready; are you over it by now; you are massive; are you uncomfortable; sleep now because you wont for 5 years. It is really interesting. Now I have no doubt that things will be hard but I only plan to do this once and I am going to try and enjoy all of it as much as I can. I have enjoyed my pregnancy for 95% of the time and I can imagine missing feeling my little bubbas move inside me. But apparently meeting them is so much better and next time we talk I look forward to introducing the Burrell-Smith twins to you too.

Much Love

Susie b xx