My top 5 products from Aldi

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10 years ago, a close friend and dietitian colleague used to talk to me about the benefits of shopping at ALDI. Being the supermarket snob that I was, with much more disposible income than I have now, I used to laugh the suggestion off that I would ever shop at ALDI for fear of missing my brand names far too much. Fastforward 10 years, a heafty mortgage and baby twins and I am all for the ALDI shop simply becuase I save a whole lot of money. Most importantly I know that a number of the key brands sold at ALDi are almost if not identical nutritionally to the name brand comparison product. And why on earth would you pay more the exact same thing, that is a ridiculous waste of money. So here are the top ALDI products that I include in my trolley on each visit.

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ALC6674_PRODUCTS__PD__30Baker’s Life Wholegrain Wraps

This image shows the white variety but the wholegrain variety contains just 18g of carbs per serve making it a perfect carb portion for lunchtime wraps.

Hillcrest Nut Bars

I am a big fan of nut bars and these are a tasty, calorie controlled sweet treat much cheaper than popular supermarket brands.

AWARDS_PD_61_7astirfryvegtables500gMarket Fare Stir Fry Vegetables

Frozen veges are just as nutritious as fresh as long as you do not overcook them. With stir fry mixes, such as their Market Fare brand, as well as their individual steam packs available for a fraction of the price, these are always in my trolley.

AWARDS_PD_Dairy_26_65a610d145Westacre Lite Cottage Cheese

All the ALDI cheese is significantly cheaper such as their cottage cheese which I am a fan of. Their cheese and cracker snack packs also are great snack options for both adults and children.

ALC6887_PD_GROCERY_AWARDS_UPDATE_388x314_1Slim and Trim Meal Replacements

Any mention of meal replacements ignites furore but people do use them as calorie controlled quick meal options on the go and these bars and shakes have a very similar nutritional profile to major brands for 1/2 the price.