Product review: Be Natural Thai Sweet Chilli Dry Roasted Fava Beans


Product Name: Be Natural Thai Sweet Chilli Dry Roasted Fava Beans

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Nutritionals Per 22g serve: 350kJ (88cal), 6.2g protein, 10.1g carbs, 0.9g sugars, 2.3g fibre

Ingredients: Fava beans (91%), thai sweet chilli seasoning (sugar, natural extracts [onion, garlic, rosemary, spices, flavours], spices [paprika, cayenne pepper], salt, mineral salt [potassium chloride], yeast extract, tomato powder, food acid [citric acid], sunflower oil), sunflower oil.

Pros: Another high protein, low calorie, gluten free, nut free snack kids and adults can both enjoy

Cons: Does contain some seasoning which takes away from the relatively clean ingredient list but the amounts of small making this a nutritious, tasty snack option

Rating: 4 stars.




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