Product review of the week: Nutella



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Product Name: Nutella

Where does it come from: Manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero,

Nutritionals: 100 calories, 6g fat and 10.9g of sugars per tablespoon. With the first ingredients listed as sugar and vegetable oil and just 13% hazelnuts, this is more of a fat and sugar spread than a nut spread.

Pros: Hmmmm, its very yummy.

Cons: Nutella is not a ‘healthy’ choice – it has a low GI due to the fat content and should not be a  part of anyone’s daily diet, especially a child’s

Rating: 1 star. I would put Nutella in a party food category, occasionally, in small amounts as a confectionery type treat.

Tips: If you buy a jar, you will eat a jar. Consider it as you would a block of chocolate, high calorie and almost impossible to stop eating.




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