Product review of the week: Vaalia Kids Lactose Free Vanilla & Paul’s Kids Yoghurt Pouch


Product Name: Vaalia Kids Lactose Free Vanilla

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Nutritionals per 140g serve: 540kJ (129cal), 6.6g protein, 3.8g fat, 17.2g sugars (16.4g sugars), 210mg calcium

Ingredients: Milk, skim milk, Water, Sugar, Milk Solids, Rice Starch, Gelatin, Natural Flavours, Acidity Regulators, Lactase, Probiotics.

Pros: Lactose free, one of the lowest sugar flavoured yoghurts, child friendly pack

Cons: Does contain added sugar.

Rating: 3 stars

Tips: Greek yoghurt with fruit is a lower sugar option if the kids will eat it.




Product Name: Paul’s Kids Yoghurt Pouch

Nutritionals per 70g serve: 263kJ (63cal), 3,2g protein, 1.8g fat, 8.5g carbs (8.2g sugars), 117mg calcium

Ingredients: Milk, Skim Milk, Water, Milk Solids, Sugar, Rice Starch, Gelatin, Natural Flavour, Food Acid, Live Cultures

Pros: Small serving size to control sugar intake. Virtually identical nutritionals to the Vaalia Kids yoghurt – same product, one with lactose, one without

Cons: Does contain added sugar.

Rating: 3 stars. 

Tips: Greek yoghurt with fruit is a lower sugar option if the kids will eat it. Cheese is a no sugar, high protein snack alternative for school. Choose small portion sizes of flavoured yoghurt for kids.




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