Product review of the week: Freedom Foods Kids Milk Snacks


Product Name: Freedom Foods Kids Milk Drinks – Tropico’s & Cocoa Crush

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Where does it come from: Freedom Foods, an Australian Owned Company who specialises in foods catering for those with special dietary requirements

Where to buy it: Health food section of major supermarkets

Nutritionals: With No Added Sugar, 6g of protein and 3g of fibre per serve as well as containing Vitamin D and being lactose, gluten soy and nut free, these drinks are a great lunchbox filler kids will love

Pros: A low sugar, child friendly milk drink.

Cons: Kids are fussy and it may not suit their programmed taste buds to seek out sweeter foods.

Rating: 4 stars. A great child friendly nutrient rich food

Tips: Freeze to use as a lunchbox cooler and then a cool drink at school

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