Product review of the week: Go Natural Nut Delight Bar

Snack Bars - Go Natural Nut Delight Gluten Free Bar

Snack Bars - Go Natural Nut Delight Gluten Free Bar

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Product Name: Go Natural Nut Delight Bar

Nutritionals per 40g bar: 868kJ / 6.1g protein / 15.8g total fat / 1.7g sat fat / 10.8g carbs / 8.2g sugars / 3.1g fibre.

Ingredients: Nuts (Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts) [73%], Honey [12%], Glucose (From Maize), Puffed Rice, Chicory Extract (Inulin).

Pros: Nutritionally one of the best nut bars on the market thanks to the 5.6g polyunsaturated fats from walnuts. Tastes great and also available in a smaller, chopped variety. A complete snack with good fats, carbs from a little honey and protein.

Cons: Does contain some added sugar but still less carbs and sugars in total than a piece of fruit.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars.

Tips: Nuts are a calorie dense snack so aim for 1 bar per day max. Bar style snacks can help with portion control.

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  • Misha Charrett says:

    Not relevent directly to this article, but to the article on 5:2 diets in the SMH (this is not trolling, nor is is criticism of the article, so please have a read).

    Most articles on “dieting” focus on the diet, but neglect the psychological aspects of losing weight and keeping the weight off. They are well meaning, and often correct nutritionally, but are of limited use to the general population because of the need to stick to the plan for most of each day, most days, at least. This is just unsustainable for a large proprtion of the population.

    The 5:2 “diet” works where others doesn’t because it frees up 70% of the time to NOT be on a diet or watch what you eat. People can sustain it because it is short bursts of watching food intake, not a long sustained effort. An analogy would be that it is easier to work 48 hours in the week by working two 12 hour days, three 8 hour days, and having two days off, than working six 8 hour days and having one day off (I know because I work for myself).

    Invariably those who haven’t tried the diet focus on the difficulties of maintaining the diet, while those on the diet often remark how it is by far the easiest diet to maintain. I think the nutrition industry would do well to acknowledge that maintaining a healthy weight (and being fit and healthy) has at least a 50% psychological component and that without addressing this, all that good advice is just going to be wasted on a large proportion of the population.

    Cheers, Misha

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