Product review of the week: Goodness Superfoods FibreBoost Bars



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Product Name: Goodness Superfoods FibreBoost Bars

Where does it come from: Goodness Superfoods – an Australian owned brand committed to producing healthy food options.

Nutritionals: A fibre rich (9g), low sugar (5g), 125 calorie snack bar.

Pros: Particularly high in fibre and low in sugar for a carb based snack bar.

Cons: May not be appropriate for individuals with insulin resistance or those wanting high protein snack food choices. Taste may be a little heavy for some.

Rating: 4 stars – there are few carb based snack bars with nutritionals as strong as this.

Tips: Use a bar to bread up and add to yoghurt for a carb/ protein balanced breakfast or snack.





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