Product review of the week: Thank You Nut & Vanilla Muesli with Linseed, Pepitas & Coconut

thankyou muesli

Thank You Muesli Nut & Vanilla with Linseed, Pepitas & Coconut

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Product Name: Thank You Nut & Vanilla Muesli with Linseed, Pepitas & Coconut.

Nutritionals: 190cal / 5.8g protein / 22.6g carbs / 6.7g sugar, 4.8g fibre / 2.2g sat fat per serve.

Pros: The Thank You movement have a unique approach – all of their products exist to cover costs and then provide food aid and sustainable food solutions in developing nations. Nutritionally this product is also very strong meaning you are buying a great product but also contributing to a larger cause.  Methinks this company is years ahead of its competitors -

Cons: Muesli is an energy dense food so watch your portions.

Rating: 4 stars. Great mix of nuts and seeds in this muesli give it a great polyunsaturated fat content.

Tips: Enjoy a small serve with Greek yoghurt + berries.


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