The products you will always find in my cupboard

Blog - 17.11.14

Who does not love a good old sticky beak into someone else’s shopping trolley or cupboard and as a dietitian I am the worst offender, constantly having to stop myself from ‘checking out’ others purchases at Coles or Woollies. So just in case you ever wondered, this is what you will find in my fridge and cupboard at home. I am no diet purist by any means but I do try and keep the bulk of my choices pretty healthy and always remember that if it is not in the house, you cannot eat it!

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1. Lipton Gunpowder Green Tea Bags

Green tea can be a little harsh but these are my absolute favourite – I drink green tea constantly as I write during the day.

2. Rye Cruskits

One of the lightest crackers available in terms of both carbohydrate and calories and I love them with goat’s cheese and tomato.

3. Bourke St Bakery Soy Lin Sourdough

I buy a loaf a week and have a slice for breakfast with an egg; with red salmon for lunch or occasionally with olive oil at dinner.

4. Go Natural Nut Delight Bars

The best nut bars on the market with a perfect mix of carbs, protein and good fat and I am biased consulting to Go Natural.

5. Peppercorn Lean Burgers or Pork Sausages

I am not an ambassador for nothing, I love this product; they are lean, taste great and are made by a great small Aussie company.

6. Smoked Oysters

My favourite snack before dinner and a nutrient rich choice thanks to their extremely high zinc content.

7. Tomatoes, cucumbers and red capsicum

I tend to buy my vegetables on a daily basis as we decide what we are having for dinner, but I always keep capsicums, cucumbers and tomatoes on hand for snacks and to enjoy with toast or crackers.

8. Meredith Valley Marinated Goat’s Feta

A delicious, lower fat alternative to yellow cheese, that tastes fantastic and can be enjoyed in small portions

9. Salmon

I buy both tinned red salmon for lunches and the John West Fast and Fresh range for a 5 minute meal on weeknights.

10. Waferthin Crackers

The best thin cracker for cheese with the lowest calorie and carb levels.



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