Quark Swedish Style Yoghurt – What is it?


By Simone Austin (consultant to Rokeby Farms) - http://www.simoneaustin.com/

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Quark yoghurt involves a Swedish style fermentation process, at a lower temperature for a longer time, giving a milder flavoured, thicker textured yoghurt. I first ate quark yoghurt when holidaying in Germany and loved it, so was excited to find it on the market in Australia.

The Rokeby Farm’s quark yoghurt uses only fresh milk. It is not pot set, stirred, or strained which are all different ways of making yoghurts. It is cold filtered slowly. The milk is passed through a series of filters to remove some of the water and lactose (sugar naturally present in milk) but not the calcium or protein, to give the thick yoghurt that is then naturally high in protein, low in lactose and high in calcium.

Quark yoghurt has live cultures for both cheese making, (L.Lactis and L.Lactis subsp. Cremoris) and for yoghurt (Bulgaricus, L.Casai and Bifidus). The lactic acid bacteria count which are the type of bacteria you must use by Australian food law to make yoghurt are >22billion cfu/170g pot and importantly are live in the end product. When can not call bacteria in most yoghurts probiotics as there isn’t yet the research to show what health benefit the individual bacterial strains have.

Quark yoghurt in comparison to other yoghurts shines. The protein content is high, 10g per 100g in the natural yoghurt and 8.7g in the strawberry flavoured. The sugar content is 3g per 100g in the natural and 6.1g in the strawberry. The sugar content is very low compared to other brands of flavoured yoghurt, without using artificial sweetener. A small amount of cane sugar is used for sweetening. The table below shows a brand comparison (correct as of April 2017)

Why does the high protein and calcium level matter? Many Australian’s don’t get their recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium.

Females 19-51 years RDI =1000mg

Female 51years + RDI =1300mg

Men 19-69 years RDI = 1000mg and

Men 70+ years RDI = 1300mg.

Rokeby’s quark yoghurt has around half the RDI of calcium for adult Australian’s.

507mg of calcium per tub for the natural Rokeby Farms quark yoghurt

436mg of calcium in the strawberry Rokeby Farms quark yoghurt

Calcium is important for maintenance of strong bones and teeth.

Protein is important for all age groups, particularly the older age group to maintain muscle mass and repair. As we age the amount of protein we need increases as our body becomes less efficient at utilising it. The quark yoghurt packs in the protein with around 17g per tub. It is a great way to get in protein at breakfast or for a snack when protein maybe on the light side. Protein is best utilised by the body if it is spread out throughout the day. For sports people and growing children quark yoghurt is a quick way to boost your protein intake for a snack, pre or post exercise.

For people with diabetes or raised blood glucose levels the high protein and low sugar levels make it a great snack. The protein can also help keep you feeling full for longer.

Try quark:

- with a dollop on your breakfast cereal, on a jacket potato, instead of cream, in soup or a smoothie

- add to baking in muffins or cakes

- spread on your toast or a sandwich, smashed with avocado or in a dip

Enjoy this new product, a different experience particularly for those that may not have liked yoghurt before, give it a go!

Rokeby’s quark yoghurt is available at Woolworths supermarkets nationwide.

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